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Title: system configuration

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Essay Instructions: Each group will be provided with a scenario of individual(s) with different computing needs. The groups will have to find a suitable system configuration that will match the needs of the individual(s) in the scenarios

A brief executive summary style report (bullet format) that includes the following should be submitted.
? Key business requirements for each scenario
? Computing systems considered for each scenario
? Pros and cons of hardware and software options considered for each scenario
? Optimal computing system for each scenario (Please include hardware components, operating system, peripherals, price, etc.)

Your senario is : Scenario 3 ??" The Demanding Engineers

Steve works for a prestigious aerospace engineering firm in San Francisco, CA, where he heads the computer-aided design division that employs 20 engineers. Recently the engineering firm signed a design contract worth approximately 120 million dollars with a major organization in the airline industry. To complete this contract on time, each of the members in the division needs a new computer that is designed to handle the massive loads of computation that the CAD modeling and simulation programs are capable of ??" some of which may take hours to complete a single execution due to the complexity of the models. Also, the output of these programs (which must all be stored due to federal government safety regulations) can be quite large. Because this is a rather large contract, the engineering firm is placing minimal cost restrictions for this upgrade. Customize a microcomputer that meets the needs of Steve and his division of engineers to the best of your group’s ability.

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Title: Application of Nondiscrimination Laws to Faculty Employment Decisions

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Essay Instructions: In the problem below answer the thre questions at the end of the problem in no more than two pages. Answer each question separately.

Please read and understand the outcome and learning objective before completing the assignment.

Identify and analyze issues which arise between a college and its faculty with respect to employment and academic freedom.

Learning Objective:
Identify the legal issues involved in faculty employment.


The School of Engineering at Elite University, a private, non profit university, has four departments: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. Although the school has tried faithfully, it has been able to recruit only one woman faculty member – a third-year assistant professor of aerospace engineering, Dr. Gemini.

Dr. Gemini has been offered a position at a prestigious university in a nearby state at a salary that is higher than that of several associate professors in Elite University’s department of Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Gemini has implied that she would be willing to stay at Elite University if it can match the salary offer. Matching the salary offer will virtually exhaust the school’s merit pay increase funds for the new year. However, the school has been identified by the University’s affirmative action office as a unit in which women are severely underrepresented. In fact, the school will not be permitted to hire any male tenure track faculty until more women faculty have been hired.

The school must make a decision regarding Dr. Gemini’s request.

1. What factual information does the administration need before making the decision? What legal information does it need?

2. What decision should the school make? To what extent is this decision based on legal considerations? Policy considerations?

3. Would the legal issues change if Dr. Gemini had not received an outside offer, but merely demanded a bigger salary and threatened to leave if the university didn’t comply?

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