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Title: Research project

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Essay Instructions: Adventures in Fugawiland

Please prepare a two-part report based on the 10-site data chart from the Adventures in Fugawiland program. These data were provided to you in the attached pdf file. The data descriptions we went over in class are also attached here. Your report should answer the questions and make extensive and direct use of the data to support your observations and conclusions.

Part 1. Types of sites in Fugawiland
1. How many types of sites were there in Fugawiland?
2. How are these sites different?
3. How are these site related?
Hint: look at variation by location and by seasonal resources

Part 2. Social life in Fugawiland
Using the 10-site data chart please show how the archaeological record informs us about patterns related to gender, ethnicity, trade, and celebration in ancient Fugawiland.

This should be written in a narrative type essay

In addition to the data that I will send as attachment here is some of the information that I have gathered throughout this project. but I would also like the writer to gather his own thoughts as well as and in addition to the use of my gathering

1)Summer (warm season) Shore Site: F,Y,R
2)Winter (cold season) Inland Site: C,I,W,P
3)Burial and ceremony site X
4)Hunting site B,T

Shore Site:
-fish hooks
-light huts
-small hearths
-shell pendants (possibly carved there takes time to make, and where the shells are found)
-What were the people living there doing?
a. fishing
b. making shell pendants
c. bc there were more people living there, there were more pots found

Move inland to River sites:
-heavier huts, colder weather
-acorns found, fall season...signs of winter coming
-more rabbits

Fall Site: highlands(hunting site)
-deer bones
-rabbit bones
-gather blades
-men hunting and women gathering

-stay in one place
-store acorns
-no shell fish
-(I,W,C) a lot of large hearths
-no burials
-bundle burials
-higher death rate

-bury the dead
-2 large hearths at burial site (large amount of people) bury the dead and unite the new..
-large number of pots
-largest number of shell pendants
-back to shore..

HOPE ALL THIS HELPS! thank you very much

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Title: local color and realism

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Essay Instructions: adventures of huckleberry finn -----by mark twain

1) what elements of local color and realism can be found in the novel? what moral choice, ethical crises or social issue does huck face that locates this novel in the tradition of realism? give specific examples and explain
2) what role does the satirical use of irony play in the book in terms of its anti-racist message? could twain have effectively addressed american racism without the extensive use of the word "nigger"? why/whynot? give specific examples and explain
3) personal response: what was particularly striking about this reading for you? what questions arise from the text? what connections can be made to other texts, film, issues raised in personal experience

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Title: Adventures in Attitudes

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Essay Instructions: This is my second order, and this paper is about Adventures in Attitude, I will fax you the book and the notes. In my previous order we wrote about both papers, please disregard the attitude information in my first order. The first order should only on Reading for Literacy.

THank you very much,
Sherry L Zimmerman

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: Need an argument paper about "The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain(The Norton Anthology of American Literature Volume C page 219). The paper will need an arguable thesis that makes a claim. The purpose of the paper is to support and defend the claim. And backed up with evidence from the story. Avoid using first or second person in the essay. The tone should be formal. The paper should be between 4-6 pages(1,000 words). Parenthetical citations.

Excerpt From Essay:

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