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Title: Advance Nursing Practice

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Essay Instructions: Advanced Practice Paper
Complete a literature search about the topic of advanced nursing practice. This advanced nursing practice may be in the role of nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, educator, researcher, or administrator. Prepare a 1,050 – 1,400 word paper that compares and contrasts at least two different definitions of advanced nursing practice, defines advanced nursing practice, describes the role, and addresses one or two professional issues of advanced nursing practice.

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Essay Instructions: Course Outcomes Addressed by Assignment

Through this assignment, a student will demonstrate the ability to:
? Synthesize knowledge and concepts from nursing and related disciplines as a foundation for advanced nursing roles. (PO #1)
? Utilize critical inquiry and judgment to evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of strategies developed for learning and health care systems. (PO #4)
? Exemplify professional values, scholarship, service, and global awareness that support professional and personal development. (PO#5)
? Incorporate human caring and legal and ethical principles within the concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing for the benefit of society and the nursing profession. (PO #6)

Description of the Assignment:
The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize one strategy for the application of a specific nursing theory to resolving a problem or issue of nursing practice in nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics, or health policy.

1. Introduction to the paper includes a few general statements on the idea of nursing theory being applied to solve problems/issues in nursing practice, regardless of the specialty area of practice. For example, why would one pick a nursing theory to solve a practice problem? Would a grand, middle-range, or practice theory be best? Does the writer have any experience in using nursing theory this way? In addition, a brief one-paragraph summary of a specific nursing theory and information on the sections of the paper are provided. The selected nursing theory can be a grand theory, a middle-range theory, or a practice theory.
2. Description of the problem/issue for which strategies will be developed. The problem to be resolved must be in nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics, or health policy. Scholarly evidence supporting the issue is included. The problem/issue could be local to one?s specific practice setting. For example, the setting might be a nursing unit, a nursing-education program, an informatics department, or a health-policy unit of a consulting firm. The problem/issue needs to be something that a nursing theory can impact, whether it solves the actual problem/issue or enables people affected by the problem/issue to deal with it. It is best if the problem/issue is from real life ? something the writer of the paper has dealt with or is currently engaged in.
Some examples (these are fictitious examples)
a. A nursing unit has experienced rapid turnover of professional staff, including several nurse managers. A new nurse manager from outside of the nursing unit is appointed.
b. Informatics nurse specialists face a lot of resistance from all healthcare professionals to implementation of a computer-based order entry program. The implementation date will not be changed.
c. A nurse educator is assigned to take over a large class of undergraduate nursing students, with a mix of young adults and adults returning for a second degree. The subject is difficult, students have not been doing well, and frustration and tempers are impeding group work.
d. A health-policy nurse specialist works for a consulting firm that lobbies on behalf of many healthcare professions. Within the specialist?s work unit, there is much debate over the pros and cons of various policies being proposed for attention in the coming year.
3. Applying concepts and principles from the selected theory, one strategy for resolving the identified issue is described in depth. Details on how the theory would be applied are included (consider: who, what, when, where, and how). Rationales for the strategy as well as evidence from scholarly literature are included. One ethical and/or legal aspect of the strategy is discussed. Expected outcome(s) from implementing the strategy are proposed.
4. Concluding statements include new knowledge about applying nursing theory gained by writing the paper
Format and Special Instructions
1. Paper length: 6 pages minimum; 10 pages maximum, excluding title page and reference page. Points will be deducted for not meeting these requirements.
2. The textbook required for this course may not be used as a reference for this assignment.
3. A minimum of 3 scholarly references are used. References must be current ? no older than 5 years, unless a valid rationale is provided. Consult with the course instructor about using an older source.
4. Title page, body of paper, and reference page(s) must be in APA format as presented in the 6th edition of the manual
5. Ideas and information from readings and other sources must be cited and cited correctly.
6. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing as presented in the 6th edition of the APA manual

Introduction 75 23
Problem/Issue 76 23
Strategy 76 23
Conclusion 75 23
Paper Requirements 5 2
APA Format 6 2
Citations in Text 6 2
Writing Mechanics 6 2

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Title: Adavanced Nursing Theory

Total Pages: 2 Words: 701 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This is a online nursing program for advanced nurse practitioners.

Do you think that nursing theories need to be further operationalized and simplified so as to make them more usable and applicable to clinical settings? Substantiate your viewpoint with appropriate examples.

Please use this for at least one reference: Janie B. Butts, Karen L. Rich. Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, 2010.

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Title: The definition and role of the advance practice nurse

Total Pages: 2 Words: 504 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I have these required questions: (1) define advance practise nursing (2) explain the role in the provision of healthcare (3) Make comparisons between advance practice nurses to physicians assistants, registered nurses and physicians in thw workforce (4) explain how to communicate the evidence of the effectiveness of advance practice to the general public and people we work for and with
I will email the attached directions-however I will not be able to provide all the articles, so I have listed some other options that may help. This assignment needs to be at least 3 paragrahs , but should be no longer than 4 or 5- keep the wording clean and professional but not too "wordy"
* [PDF] Advanced Practice NursingFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Advanced. Practice Nursing. Core Concepts for. Professional Role ...
*ISPUB - Defining Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice: Expanding ...The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice™ ISSN: 1523-6064 ... delineates requirements for registered nurses in advanced practice roles. ..... of knowledge (clinical practice), the integration of nursing concepts and concepts ... -

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