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Title: Adolescence How adolescence viewed cultures What similarities differences Western view adolescence text books Smith P Cowie H Blades M 2003 Understanding Childrens Development Malden MA Blackwell Publishers

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Essay Instructions: Adolescence-How is adolescence viewed by other cultures?
What are the similarities and differences with the Western
view of adolescence.
(text books)
Smith, P., Cowie, H., Blades, M. (2003) Understanding Children?s Development. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers.

Karpov, Y. (2005). The Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Child Development, Cambridge
University Press, 2006.
Excerpt From Essay:

Arnett, J.J. (2002). Readings on adolescence and emerging adulthood. Upper Saddle River,

NJ: Prentice Hall.

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Title: Adolescence Stress and Depression

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Essay Instructions: Adolescence Stress and Depression

I. Stress among Adolescents
A. Common causes of stress in Adolescents
B. Conflict of interest between adolescents and parents
C. Statistics

II. Depression among Adolescents
A. Statistics
B. Common causes of depression in Adolescents
C. Therapy

III. Correlation between Stress and Depression
A. The effect of prolonged exposure to stressful events in adolescents
B. Effects of stress and depression in daily life
C. Statistics

APA style research paper present information on how the topic affects physical, cognitive, and social developments of individuals.
My teacher will be checking sources for previously published paragraphs. Minimum five research sources.
Excerpt From Essay:

Bradley, Kristen. (2002). Survey Shows High Levels of Teen Stress. International Child and Youth Care Network. Retrieved April 10, 2011, from

Byrne, D.G., and Mazanov, J. (1999). Sources of Adolescent Stress, Smoking and the Use of other Drugs. Stress and Health, 15(4), 215-227.

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Title: Adolescents

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Essay Instructions: Research Article Review:
Choose and read any ONE of the following journal articles based on your interests. Keep in mind that these are scientific research articles and they may be more difficult to understand than a typical magazine article. You can skim through the parts that are less important to the average reader, like the methods and results sections. Mostly, the information you want will be found in the introduction and the conclusion. Write a brief summary of the research and its conclusions, adding your own reactions and opinions.

1. ?Adolescents' Parent and Peer Relationships? by Tiffany Field & Miguel Diego. In Adolescence, Spring, 2002. (Adolescence is a journal of psychopathology and social sciences that concentrates on clinical research and practice with adolescents.)
2. ?Parent-adolescent Conflict in Early Adolescence? by Barbara Allison & Jerelyn Schultz. In Adolescence, Spring 2004.
3. ?Same-sex Peer Relations and Romantic Relationships During Early Adolescence: Interactive Links to Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Adjustment? by Mara Brendgen, Frank Vitaro, Anna Beth Doyle, Dorothy Markiewicz, and William Bukowski. In Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, January 2002
4. ?Parenting Practices, Social Skills and Peer Relationships in Adolescence? by Rutger Engels, Maja Dekovic, and Wim Meeus. In Social Behavior and Personality, 2002.
5. ?Attachment to Parents and Peers in Late Adolescence and Their Relationship with Self-image? by Jeffrey O?Koon. In Adolescence, Summer, 1997. (NOTE: this article is incomplete on the website ? I will post the complete article for you in the Module 3 Area.)
6. ?The Relationship Between Positive Parental Involvement and Identity Achievement During Adolescence? by Carolyn Sartor & James Youniss. In Adolescence, Summer 2002 .
Excerpt From Essay:

Allison, Barbara N., and Schultz, Jerelyn B. (2004). Parent-Adolescent Conflict In Early

Adolescence. Adolescence, 39(153), 101-117.

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Title: Life Span Development Depression adolescence Will prepare class presentation FULL DETAILS UPLOADED MUST BE ADHERED TO STRICTLY I live school Canada references form Canadian perspectives I attached academic journal I sourced college library deemed

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Life Span Development: Depression in adolescence. Will be used to prepare for class presentation.


I live and school in Canada, so some references must be form Canadian perspectives.

I have also attached some academic journal I sourced from my college library to be used if deemed appropriate.

The write up should be simple, easily understood and interesting.
Excerpt From Essay:

Bhatia, S.K. & Bhatia, S.C. (2007). Childhood and Adolescent Depression. American Family Physician, 75(1).

Cheung, A.H.; Zuckerbrot, R.A.; Jensen, P.S; Ghalib, K.; Laraque, D. & Stein, R.E.K. (2007). Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care (GLAD-PC): II. Treatment for Ongoing Management. Pediatrics, 120(5).

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