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Essay Instructions: Adolescence-How is adolescence viewed by other cultures?
What are the similarities and differences with the Western
view of adolescence.
(text books)
Smith, P., Cowie, H., Blades, M. (2003) Understanding Children?s Development. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers.

Karpov, Y. (2005). The Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Child Development, Cambridge
University Press, 2006.

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Title: adolescent development

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3163 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Paper Assignment

- 10 page analysis
- Times New Roman, double spaced, 12 pt. font
- Required Movie to see: Thirteen
- Recommended textbook for resource information to be included in 10 page paper:
Adolescence, by Laurence Steinberg (New York: McGraw Hill, 2004, 7th edition).

For this paper, you will be analyzing the central character from the motion picture, ?Thirteen.?

?Thirteen? tells the story of Tracy, a 13-year old adolescent in junior high school. In her quest to befriend Evie, the most popular girl in the school, Tracy undergoes a transformation in behavior, family/peer relationships, school performance, and well-being. As the situation escalates, Tracy?s mother, Melanie, finds it increasingly difficult to communicate with Tracy, or to control her behavior.

Your assignment is to apply the principles of adolescent development as they pertain to Tracy?s development. It is hoped that, as a result of completing this assignment, you will deepen your understanding of the complex issues associated with adolescent development. While it should be understood that Tracy?s development would not be considered ?normative,? the challenges and feelings she encounters are not rare for today?s adolescents or their families.

Your paper must include a discussion of each of the following topics as they apply to Tracy:

** don?t simply go through each topic individually, make sure to interconnect them altogether as you go along your paper to make it flow.

** be objective (not subjective-no positive or negative opinions of your own) by giving factual analytical information regarding these topics in relation to what is going with Tracy in the movie.

CONTEXT (Family composition/dynamics, family economics, mother?s employment, relationships, issues, parenting style, other people ?in the picture?
- what?s going on in the family
- Tracy?s parents are divorced: father has another family and mom has a recovering drug addict boyfriend
- Tracy and her brother don?t care for mom?s boyfriend too much
- mom is a recovered alcoholic
- what is the impact of communication in the family
- finances are low- mom is self-employed (is a beautician in household) and is struggling to make ends meet because she is the only provider in family
- parenting styles- mom seems to be authoritative and indulgent
dad seems to have an unclear relationship and it seems like he doesn?t care
- it seems like Tracy?s mom (Mel) and the father are putting their needs before her needs as well as her brother?s

BIOLOGICAL TRANSITIONS (Early maturation - while the focus of the paper is on Tracy, an examination of the effects of Evie?s development is warranted)
- Tracy?s maturation of early, on time, or late is ambiguous
- Compared to Evie, Tracy would probably be a late maturer

COGNITIVE TRANSITIONS (Adolescents? ability to make informed decisions, consideration of consequences for behavior)
- how does this affect Tracy?s behavior

SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL TRANSITIONS (Peer groups, popularity, peer influences on behavior and achievement)
- influence on the in (Evie?s and her friends-popular, noticed, get attention from older guys) vs. the out ( Tracy and her friends-unnoticed, unpopular (like schooly girls), no attention from anyone) crowd
- Tracy was determined to get involved with Evie?s crowd-(went to Melrose even after Evie had gave Tracy the wrong number to her cellphone
- Tracy was socially accepted from Evie?s crowd fast

IDENTITY(Application of Erikson?s theory for adolescents, self-esteem,
- What is the role of experimentation- the mirror (we are what others see us)
- Tracy?s self-esteem was moderate at the beginning to low at the end

AUTONOMY(Peer pressure, conformity/susceptibility to influence, individuation, decision-making, moral thought
- Tracy doesn?t handle peer pressure well with other peers
- gets influenced easily
- what things are affecting her in her environment

INTIMACY(Friendship, equity in friendship, disclosure, trust)
- what is the impact of friendship and disclosure- Evie set up Tracy for betrayal

SEXUALITY (Peer influences, associations with problem behavior)
- how do these impact Tracy

ACHIEVMENT (Academic achievement)
- At the beginning Tracy is involved in school and later throughout the movie she did real bad
- teachers, school, and her parents let her down
- due to her low academic achievement she was later told she was going to be repeating 7th grade.
- how did her achievement orientation change overall
- she went to a smart, bright straight A student to a truant that was irresponsible and began to not care about school

PSYCHOSOCIAL PROBLEMS (Substance use/deviant behavior, self-destructive behavior, depression, risk-taking)
- Tracy behavior had involved:
- self injury- cutting her wrists
- theft on Melrose (to fit in with Evie and her other friends cause they were doing it)
- did drugs
- skipped class
- got piercing on her belly button and tongue

In addition to an analysis of the above aspects of Tracy?s adolescence, I would like you to engage in some speculation as to Tracy?s future development (through adolescence into early adulthood). What characteristics (in Tracy and her environment) would facilitate or hinder optimal development? You can be creative in this section, but your arguments must be backed by course material from the recommended textbook.

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Title: Adolescence Stress and Depression

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2014 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Adolescence Stress and Depression

I. Stress among Adolescents
A. Common causes of stress in Adolescents
B. Conflict of interest between adolescents and parents
C. Statistics

II. Depression among Adolescents
A. Statistics
B. Common causes of depression in Adolescents
C. Therapy

III. Correlation between Stress and Depression
A. The effect of prolonged exposure to stressful events in adolescents
B. Effects of stress and depression in daily life
C. Statistics

APA style research paper present information on how the topic affects physical, cognitive, and social developments of individuals.
My teacher will be checking sources for previously published paragraphs. Minimum five research sources.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Adolescents

Total Pages: 3 Words: 932 Sources: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Research Article Review:
Choose and read any ONE of the following journal articles based on your interests. Keep in mind that these are scientific research articles and they may be more difficult to understand than a typical magazine article. You can skim through the parts that are less important to the average reader, like the methods and results sections. Mostly, the information you want will be found in the introduction and the conclusion. Write a brief summary of the research and its conclusions, adding your own reactions and opinions.

1. ?Adolescents' Parent and Peer Relationships? by Tiffany Field & Miguel Diego. In Adolescence, Spring, 2002. (Adolescence is a journal of psychopathology and social sciences that concentrates on clinical research and practice with adolescents.)
2. ?Parent-adolescent Conflict in Early Adolescence? by Barbara Allison & Jerelyn Schultz. In Adolescence, Spring 2004.
3. ?Same-sex Peer Relations and Romantic Relationships During Early Adolescence: Interactive Links to Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Adjustment? by Mara Brendgen, Frank Vitaro, Anna Beth Doyle, Dorothy Markiewicz, and William Bukowski. In Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, January 2002
4. ?Parenting Practices, Social Skills and Peer Relationships in Adolescence? by Rutger Engels, Maja Dekovic, and Wim Meeus. In Social Behavior and Personality, 2002.
5. ?Attachment to Parents and Peers in Late Adolescence and Their Relationship with Self-image? by Jeffrey O?Koon. In Adolescence, Summer, 1997. (NOTE: this article is incomplete on the website ? I will post the complete article for you in the Module 3 Area.)
6. ?The Relationship Between Positive Parental Involvement and Identity Achievement During Adolescence? by Carolyn Sartor & James Youniss. In Adolescence, Summer 2002 .

Excerpt From Essay:

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