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Title: Personal Statement Admission Paper

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Essay Instructions: student, say that i how i wanna go to college and get serious about my life and shit, I played High soccer for 3 years, 10th grade to Senior year, i was the Starting GOALKEEPER, i played baseball my freshmen year until i blew out my elbow so i couldnt play anymore, I was also in yearbook club, basically just bullshit how i wanna get my life together and go to college, my interest are sports and Computers, i am a computer wiz,everyone likes me in my school, i get along with all types of people,im applying to COLLEGE,bullshit as much as possible

(can you get a good OPENING LINE on the admission paper) it has to be 550 words, this paper is either going to make me or brake me, this paper has to blow them away, please make it good as possible, in the paper say that i am the first one in my family thats going to college

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Title: Counseling orientation introductin to

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Essay Instructions: This is more of journal /reflection type paper
>and it will also be used as one of my admission papers.
>I need a paper that synthesizes the following information. I
>need a paper that uses this synthesis to orient someone to the
>counseling profession. To help state how counselor behaviors,
>values, beliefs are related to the role of a counselor.
>I need a paper that addresses the following key aspects:
>â¢what the counseling relationship involves and
>differentiate counseling from other helping behavior
>â¢basic counseling skills and their role in the helping relationship
>â¢the relationship between oneâ™ own personal
>values, beliefs and behaviors and the role of the professional counselor
>â¢issues related to interpersonal style
>â¢the role of the counselor in a variety of settings
>Based on the following topics and information:
>A. Technology and Counseling
>â¢Cyber counseling/distance counseling (positives and negatives and ethical issues)
>â¢Computer-assisted counseling (Positives and negatives and ethical concerns)
>â¢Technology in assessment and diagnosis (Positives and
>negatives and ethical concerns)
>â¢Technology Aids/resources for client interventions
>(Positives and negatives and ethical concerns)
>B. Group Counseling
>â¢Types of Groups
>â¢Stages of Group Life
>â¢Group Facilitations-responsibilities and interventions
>â¢Issues and ethnics
>C. Career Counseling
>â¢Theories of Career Counseling
>â¢Framework (stages) for career counseling
>D. Counseling and Spirituality
>â¢Description of spirituality
>â¢Support for the inclusion of spirituality in the profession
>â¢Models addressing spirituality dimensions and the e counselors role
>â¢Characteristics of healthy spiritual development
>â¢Implications for counselors
>E. Creative Approaches to Counseling (individual and group)
>F. School Counseling
>â¢Comprehensive developmental program characteristics
>â¢Program interventions
>â¢Characteristics of an effective school counselor
>â¢Counseling at elementary, middle and high school levels
>G. Counseling in Mental Health and Private Practice Settings
>â¢Description and types of the practices
>â¢Roles of the counselor
>â¢Needs for children, adolescents
>H. Counseling Couples and families
>â¢Family systems perspective on the diagnosis of family dysfunction
>â¢Initial interview
>â¢Family techniques
>â¢Legal, professional, and ethical; issues

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