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Title: Administrative Management

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2561 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Administrative Management
This paper should be written based on my personal experience in the workplace. (my real world experience) I must demonstrate how I possess knowledge relevant to the course. Things that should be included are: schedules, reports, deadlines, enterphasing with other department.
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Title: Administrative Agencies and Due Process

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Essay Instructions: Administrative Law PAPER NOTES :

It is not common for administrative agencies to run into constitutional obstacles, but when it happens, the implications are often quite important. Normally, a court is reluctant to hold agencies in violation of the Constitutional Due Process Clause because forcing the agency to follow more elaborate hearing requirements could reduce agency flexibility and efficiency.

In the following cases, courts addressed the question of whether agency procedure (or state law) violated the constitutional guarantee of due process. Summarize the holding regarding due process in each case, and then discuss how the two decisions compare. Finally, explore the implications of the cases for administrative power and efficiency, either from the perspective of a government administrator or from the perspective of a client or interest regulated by the government, or both.

Cleveland Bd. of Education v.
Loudermill 470 U.S. 532 (1985)

Connecticut Department of Public
Safety v. Doe 538 U.S. 1 (2003)

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Title: Gangs in South Florida

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Essay Instructions: Administrative Position Paper Definition

The Administrative Position Paper defined as "the overview of a problem and the presentation of a proposed solution(s) for others to consider."

Steps to Follow

The student's task is to place yourself in the position of a member of a Criminal Justice planning staff; to review an approved agency problem; to summarize some research on the topic, and to write a paper for a chief or other criminal justice executive to act on. You must provide one or more recommended solutions for the problem you select.

Your writing must be clear and concise so the criminal justice executive can readily understand the problem, review the facts, comprehend the reasoning behind the solution/recommendations and be prepared to take action. Your research must reflect high academic quality.

The Administrative Position Paper Format - DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THIS


The Administrative Position Paper must have a cover page stating:

- Hybrid Gangs in South Florida
- Phillip J. Torres
- Saint Leo University

(note- APA requires a running head and identifier with page numbers)
The cover sheet does not count in the total number of pages required.
The remainder of the format for the Administrative Position Paper is divided into five (5) sec-tions as follows: Use Roman Numerals to identify the five (5) sections, use capital letters to identify paragraphs (or factors in section II)

I. The Problem

The statement of the problem tells the criminal justice executive what the difficulty is; what problem is to be solved. No discussion is necessary at this point. In later sections you will be elaborating on the facts, issues, solutions, etc. The "problem" must be approved by the instructor. The Problem does not count in the total number of pages required.

II. Factors Bearing on the Problem

This section includes facts or statements of truth which can be substantiated. For example, "The average education level of the police officer in this city is 14.5 years (or high school plus 2 1/2 years college)." Another example might be, "Last year the citizens of this county only reported 200 crimes in progress to the police" or "the jail population averaged 20% above maximum capacity in fiscal year 1983/84."

List each fact separately. (use bullets or capital letters to identify factors) Cite any references used for these facts using APA** style.

Also in this section, the student must list any assumptions which lend weight to their final recommendation/solutions. Examples: "It is assumed that if the victims of crimes are compensated for their time spent testi?fying in court, more citizens will be willing to become involved in pro?secutions; or, "It is assumed that better trained officers will be able to more effectively communicate with the public."

The Factors does not count in the total number of pages required.

I. Discussion

The discussion section is the "meat and potatoes" of the Administrative Position Paper. It contains the critical analysis of the problem and all possible factors researched. It reviews the "pros and cons" of the issues raised and possible solutions. It provides rationale for the eventual recommended solution(s). This is the critical area for the student to show the professor and your administrator you have done your research properly. This is the longest section. Cite all references. Nothing in the Discussion Section should contain personal knowledge, experience, or opinion from the author. Only facts---and ---each fact must be formatted with an in-text citation according to the APA format. Does not use case studies and if you are going to use a personal communication, you are only permitted to use one and it should be no more than one (1) short paragraph. No charts, diagrams, case studies or long quoted material is to be used in the Discussion area. If you need to use charts, diagrams, case studies or quotes, you must put them into an Appendix and only refer to them in the Discussion Section.
The Discussion does count in the total number of pages required. The Discussion should be no less than 12 pages or more than 15 pages.

II. Conclusion(s)

Now that you've shown how you reasoned through the problem, state a conclu?sion. The conclusion is nothing more than a brief statement of the best possible solution or solutions which you have described in detail in the Discussion section. You do not need to continue the discussion. You should not introduce new material in this section. Example: "Although new jails could be constructed to house more inmates, a new program of com?munity custody for first offenders convicted of nonviolent crimes would prove more cost-effective."

The Conclusion does count in the total number of pages required. The Conclusion should be no more than 1 page.

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Title: Administrative Evil

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1311 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Instructions for: Critical Article and Analysis (1 Primary article) as compared/contrast to the other two THEME related articles. BUT primary focus is the dissection and brining up the most important points and specific paragraph/quotes referenced please.
Melvin J. Dubnick and Jonathan B. Justice, “Accountability and the Evil of Administrative Ethics.” Administration & Society 38 (May 2006): 236-267.
THEME: Administrative Evil

PURPOSE: Requirements for Critical Article and Analysis Data Mining. I am not seek a Literature Review but rather a review for the purpose of preparing for PhD Pre-Qualifying exams
- data mine the article and classify into categories, i.e. key tenets, pros/cons, application to PA, key scholars/works, etc…. (crude example uploaded on the Shields-Taproot article)
- analysis views the article/s within the context of the larger academic discipline. And how it applies to the “Theme”
- As appropriate should consider the background of the book’s author, the soundness of the argument and methods, and how the book fits into the larger academic debates raised within Public Administration.
- Review bibliography/references in back of article or book and select relevant follow on readings that would relate directly to the “Theme”.
- The critical analysis and review should have a clear structure; for example, it may be organized according to the original book’s chapter sequence, arguments, etc.
- argument about the article or book is well supported with necessary details, such as examples or direct quotes.
- Expand and illuminate key concepts by linking to supplementary files (e.g., graphic images, tables, exhibits, audio clips, video clips, and embedded Flash files) from the review.
- Writer is welcome to include in the critical analysis and review which include references to other works ??" such works frequently establish the scholarly conversation around an article or book’s topic AND applicability to the specific “them” ??" but make sure that references to outside works are clear and helpful to the review as a whole. In other words, don’t refer to an external work just to prove you have read it.

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