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Title: ADHD or Brain Research

Total Pages: 2 Words: 689 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: ADHD or Brain Research in the area of Education of students with Learning Disabilities article reviewlease see resources for more inforamtion
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Total Pages: 4 Words: 1275 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: write a psychology paper on ADHA, explain what it is and how it affects young children ,was it a genetic inherited disorder or is it psychological. give 2 primary examples and 2 secondary examples. sources must be college accredited , scholarly articles etc.what can be done to help reduce this disorder, how do we treat it,what meds are prescribed for it,how parents are dealing with ADHD, how does all this relate to psychology, how can we control it, what can be done about it. include a reference page. this is a paper which carries a heavy percentage of the final grade which means it will be scrutinized by the professor.

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Essay Instructions: How would you assess a thirteen year old boy with ADHD who experiences severe academic difficulties and recently has started to truant from school and has become verbally aggressive towards both his teachers and parents.

The essay wants a referral to psychometric test that the clinician might use in order to assess ADHD, interview with the boy, the parents and the teacher. It will need a description of the pathway that that the clinician might use in order to get the information required such as

Importance of assessing parents/teacher/boy

- Definition of the problem: teacher and the parents would have to define the problem first. we should include questions of how do parents see the problem, why is it a problem to them etc

-Demographic data and family history (for parents): data about parents, their jobs, SES, siblings, history of medical/psychological conditions, house arrangements (e.g. who lives in the house besides them)...

- Developmental history: e.g. whether it was a wanted pregnancy, problems during pregnancy, problems during labor, developmental stones, medical conditions or major operations...

- Academic history (both teacher and parents): Since the problem is academic too maybe we should proceed with this. Questions could include specific difficulties (math, reading), who helps the child with homework, how many hours does he study, test scores, concentration...

- Social history (teacher/parents): this includes relationships with friends, brother, parents, hobbies...

- Behavior (teacher and parents): this is a more detailed assessment of the behaviors...what is his behavior at home, at school, what are the undesired behaviors, what is their frequency, how is it being handled so far...

- Prior assessments: we should ask if the child has been assessed in the passed. I dont know if we will treat the case as if we have already seen the wisc scores....if so when did it happen and what else can we do?

and an interview with the boy

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Title: ADHD medications

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4749 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 12 page, APA formatted, research paper on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Discuss brain dysfunction in ADHD sufferers. Discuss medications for ADHD and how they operate on a neuro physiological level. Include medications Strattera, Ritalin, Dexadrine, Concerta, Adderall. What are possible side effects and placebo effects. Reference research journal articles and findings. Briefly discuss alternatives to medications and prevalence of ADHD in America vs. Europe. Cite all asserions in APA format.

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