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Title: Comparison of the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis with that of The Koran

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Essay Instructions: Comparison of the study of Adam and Eve in Genesis 1-3 with that of the Koran (Sura 2:28-37)
what differences if any do the Garden of Eden make for Islam in contrast to Judaism and Christianity?
is there anything in these different accounts that would change our view of God and Human?
Only Need a strong 2 pages outline and a bibliography page.

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Title: religion

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Essay Instructions: This paper is for a Religion course on sacred Christian stories.

Three early Christian texts:

1. The LIFE OF ADAM AND EVE (in two versions, the Greek "Apolcalypse" and the Latin "Vita", written between the second and fourth centuries AD.

2. Ephrem the Syrian''s COMMENTARY ON GENESIS 2-3. Ephrem was born around 300 AD in the Persian city of Nisibis, and died in 373 in the Roman Syrian city of Edessa. He wrote in a language called Syriac.

3. Augustine''s CITY OF GOD, Book 14, chapters 10-14; this passage is a discussion of Genesis 2-3. Augustine was a Bishop in the North African city of Hippo Regius; he wrote the City of God early in teh fifth century AD, around 413. He wrote in Latin.

PICK TWO OUT OF THESE THREE TEXTS, and discuss how they elaborate on the biblical narrative of Genesis 2-3. If you pick the Life of Adam and Eve as one text, choose ONE of the two versions. Note that these are three different types of texts. The Life of Adam and Eve is a narrative that continues the story of Adam and Eve after they are expelled from Eden. Ephrem''s commentary tries to
explicate the meaning of Genesis 2-3 by speculating about the gaps in the biblical account, but not going past the story as Genesis has it. Augustine''s discussion attempts to analyze how human psychology could be so flawed as to choose to disobey God. The Life of Adam and Eve is a story - an imaginative account. Ephrem and Augustine include some story-like elements when they
discuss Genesis 2-3, because they suggest what Adam and Eve might have been thinking or feeling.

How does each text portray Adam and Eve? What kind of relationship do Adam and Eve have with each other? What kind of relationship do they have with God? What motivates each character? In the Life of Adam and Eve, what kind of life do Adam and Eve have after they are expelled from Paradise? Do these texts soften the tragic account of Genesis 3 or render it a harsher story? What is each writer''s attitude towards the biblical text of Genesis 2-3?

You must give citations each time you refer to a specific point in the text, or each time you quote. You may give citations in footnotes, endnotes, or in parentheses in your text. Either in the first footnote or at the end of your paper, you should indicate which version of the Bible you are using.

end of assignment.

If you can locate these three texts, that is wonderful. I have these three articles in a coursepacket for this particular class along with Genesis 2-3. However, I do not know if and when I can locate fax machine. I think Augustine''s City of God will be easy to find and of course the Bible isn''t hard to track down. The other two I''m not sure about. I will try to fax these materials to you ASAP, but if you can start the paper before this happens, that would be wonderful (as it is due today).

Thank you very much!
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: sex in Milton's Paradise Lost

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Essay Instructions: Milton's Paradise Lost. The topic of this paper is Milton's view of sex in Paradise Lost. We're supposed to concentrate on a few key passages/books instead of the entire poem as a whole. The paper is supposed to be around 2250 words.

I was thinking about contrasting the two sex scenes between Adam and Eve (the pre-Fall scene in Book IV and the post-Fall scene in Book IX) and also writing about the incestuous relationship between Satan and his daughter, Sin. I'm not sure what else. Those three passages may be enough or they may not be. We are allowed to write about any passages dealing with sex or sexual imagery (ex: that description of Eve as having "wanton curls" would work).

The paper isn't supposed to show WHAT Milton thinks, but rather show how he introduces the topic of sex and how he shows both sides of whatever issue.

Outside sources are not allowed, so just stick to Paradise Lost. There should be 3-5 quotations per paragraph. The intro paragraph doesn't need fluff in the beginning or a description of setting/book background. Just a brief overview of the thesis. A short conclusory paragraph to sum it up would be good, but not too long.

Some topics my professor enjoyed talking about in class: Milton's radical nature, the conservative mores of Milton's time, Milton's view of free will (this was discussed A LOT), Milton's traditional and nontraditional approach to Christianity, the sexist nature of Paradise Lost, the issue of body vs. mind (corporeal humans vs. noncorporeal angels, etc), the difficulty of writing about religion/possible sacrilege Milton faced.

My professor reads Milton in a very traditional way, going along with most modern criticism. She is fairly religious as well (Catholic).

The paper should be written very formally.

Thank you very much!

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Title: Milton Paradise Lost

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Essay Instructions: Compare Eve's dream in Book 5, lines 28-93, to Adam's dream in Book 8, lines 283-314. What are we to make of the differences between the two speeches (in theme and rhetoric, including images, syntax, context). What larger conclusions can you draw from these two speeches about the relationship between Adam and Eve in *Paradise Lost?* What do the two speeches tell us about the role of the imagination ("fancy") in Eden and in PL? What other issues does the comparison of these two speeches bring to the fore? What conclusions can you draw from these speeches about the form or structure and method of *Paradise Lost* as a whole? Be as specific as possible. You may also choose to write on only one of these speeches.

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