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Essay Instructions: For your proposal and thesis, please be sure to:
My topic is acid rain pls see my paper I did in the past for geology and try to elaborate and change into a proposal thesis
? introduce a controversial or intriguing topic;
? describe your approach to your research;
? include at least two credible sources;
? the textbook discusses shorter and longer forms of proposals. Choose which will work better for you.

use my sources

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Essay Instructions: I WANT ALANGREEN to finish my paper

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The final research paper should reflect the peer review suggestions and instructor directions received on the draft.

Due........... December 11
Points Possible:........... 250 (see rubric below)
Format:........... 12-point type, double-spaced.
Length:........... Minimum 1,500 words; no maximum
Sources to be included:........... Minimum 5

This is a nice draft! I enjoyed reading your expert handling of your research. For your revision, think about including some statistics at the end about just how much personal choices will reduce acid rain.



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Title: poisoning our planet

Total Pages: 20 Words: 8834 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need facts and figures in an emotional and compelling plea for environmental responsibility. Pollution of our waterways, loss of rainforests, destruction of animal habitat, decimation of forests, wetlands disappearing, ignoring Global warming, acid rain. This paper should be a curmudgeonly admonition of the lack of awareness of our systematic and insensitive erosion of our planet's resources.
Fish die, animal species are threatened, mercury levels in water, unhealthy to drink or swim in large portions of our coastline. For example: They destroyed 400,000 acres of Minnesota White pine by the 30's and now they're proposing to cut redwoods in the Sequoia parks. The paper will be bacisally a LARGE LAMENT and CALL TO ACTION on matters of the environment.

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Essay Instructions: Just number each essay and provide your name and section number. Create an overview paragraph to explain what you?re about to do, a body of the essay that explains each part, and a conclusion that puts the parts together. The essays for the first 2 sets are due in class on the due date, and not after class.

1. Please recognize that this is a 200 point essay. The essay covers quite a bit of ground, and in essence refers to the entirety of the course along with specifics about the book Lost Mountain. Below are 3 issues of concern directed at the book. You are to combine the issues into a written response that effectively analyzes the politicized interactions within the policy process identified in the book. Be specific about such things as the varying capacities of strategic actors to maneuver, problem definition/framing and political decision-making.

A. First, with respect to political problems, the policy process and the book Lost Mountain is public policy just an expression of money spent and services provided?

B. Begin with the Lasswell definition of politics. Describe how this seemingly rational logical and intentional process is altered in Reece into a confrontational, non-rational, non-logical intentional process.

C. Reece says: ?Instead of excavating the contour of a ridge side, as strip miners did throughout the 60s and 70s, now entire mountaintops are blasted off, and almost everything that isn?t coal is pushed down into the valleys below. As a result, the EPA estimates that at least seven hundred miles of healthy streams have been buried by mountaintop removal-some say the number is twice that- and hundreds more have been damaged. Blasting on the mine sites has cracked the house foundations of valley dwellers and polluted thousands of family wells. Creeks run orange with sulfuric acid and heavy metals. Wildlife populations have been summarily dispersed. Entire ecosystems have been dismantled? (Reece, p4).
He goes on to say: In 2000, the Clean Air Task force, commissioned by the EPA, determined that coal-fired power plants account for 30,000 deaths per year. In Kentucky, the number of children treated for asthma has risen almost 50 percent since 2000. Because of acid rain and acid mine runoff, there is so much Mercury in Kentucky streams that any pregnant woman who eats fish from them risks causing serious, lifelong harm to the child she carries. A National Academy of Science report warned that 60,000 babies born in the United States each year could have been exposed to enough mercury in utero to cause poor academic performance later in life. Of the 114 tons of mercury produced each year in the United States, 48 tons comes from coal-fired power plants. Furthermore, as we all know but choose to ignore, fossil fuels- coal and oil- are responsible for the carbon dioxide that is making the planet hotter and its weather more volatile. This year, climatologists found record-high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. At the same time, forests worldwide have shrunk from 5 billion hectares (12 billion acres) at the beginning of the twentieth century to 2.9 billion hectares (7 billion acres) now; over 2,000 square miles of Appalachian forests will be eliminated over the next decade under current mining regulations. Because of such deforestation, 12 percent of the world?s birds are endangered, as are 24 percent of its mammals and 30 percent of its fish? (ibid, 25).

How did we get to a policy resolution that favors mountain-top removal? Within the political process examine the politics of problem definition and the methods used by different political actors to have their definitions of the problem be THE definition that a policy will be built around. What you?re examining is how differing political actors use the political process for their own ends.


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