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Title: Offer analysis Achilles speech Agamemnon's embassy Book 9 Illiad It Achilles reflects codes behavior heroes poem discuss

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Essay Instructions: Offer an analysis of Achilles' speech to Agamemnon's embassy in Book 9 of "the Illiad" It may help to think about how Achilles reflects on the codes of behavior that other heroes of the poem discuss.

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Title: achilles tendon injury

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Essay Instructions: Need a 3 page paper on the following subject:

Achilles tendon injury

Need specific sections:
I Description of Injury- name, type of injury (ligament, muscle tear, fracture), and severity(grade of injury, whether it is an emergency/life threatening

II Mechanism of Injury (MOI/Etiology)- describe the most common mechanisms of injury and how they contribute to the injury.

III Pertinent anatomy- describe the actual tissue that has actually been injured and any surrounding tissue that may have also been affected. If injury may require surgery- address any tissues that may be affected from surgical procedure.

VI Signs and Symptoms- include most common signs and symptoms for this injury. Also include post-surgical symptoms.

V TREATMENT- This is bulk of paper (1-1.5 pages)
Include immediate/post injury treatment as well as long term treatment. If injury requires surgery, include brief description of surgical procedure. Briefly describe the rehabilitation that is performed focusing on timeliness and goals of each phase rather than specific exercises.

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Title: Achilles and Greek heroism in Homer's Iliad

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Subject: Achilles and Greek heroism in Homer's Iliad

Length: 4 pages, doubled-spaced, Under no circumstances should the paper exceed 4 pages.

The character of Achilles bothers many modern readers, who see him as excessively self-centered, egotistical, even narcissistic. Yet such readers then can't explain why the entire epic tradition of the Trojan War is centered around him and his anger. Why would the Greeks and Homer care that much about what happens to Achilles?

Your fundamental task, then, is to read carefully the selections from the Iliad in HP through Greek eyes. Set Achilles in comparison to what you learn about Greek heroes elsewhere in HP (and I mean Greek heroes, not vague ideas of heroes you get from Superman)

You'll need to focus on the initial conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles in Book 1, Achilles' reaction to his friends' offer in Book 9, his decision to send Patroclus into battle in Book 16 and his subsequent reaction to Patroclus' death, his pursuit of Hector and then his final meeting with King Priam.

Try to think constructively about the decisions Achilles makes in terms of the norms of Greek heroism., the code by which these heroes live. What is positive about Achilles in such a context? What is negative? Why does he get so angry? Does he "sin" and suffer as a result? Does he learn anything about himself and the world as a result of his experiences? Does he grow and develop as a human being?

A successful paper will need thorough documentation from the text of the Iliad cited by page and line numbers.

Your Iliad excerpts include summaries of sections not included. If you are curious about the ommitted sections, or would like to read more, please note there is a free and good translation of the Iliad online at

There is also an Odyssey

If you use either of those at all, please site by Book and line number.

Note that a study quide for the Iliad, and other materials on Greek epic, are available at There are even recordings of Homer recited in Ancient Greek!

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Essay Instructions: This is the thesis that I sent.

Thesis: Warriors during Ancient Greece were men who demonstrated immense strength, honor, and great courage during battle. Although they were both great warriors, Achilles and Hector were different in many ways. They both have certain strengths and weaknesses and different leadership characteristics. They also had different motives for fighting.


I. Achilles? motives for fighting
A. Glory
B. Vengeance
C. Pride

II. Hector?s motives for fighting
A. Family
B. Country
C. Honor
D. Pride

III. Comparing their strength and weaknesses
A. Achilles? strength and weaknesses
B. Hector?s strength and weaknesses

IV. Conclusion
A. Achilles battles Hector
B. Achilles acknowledges his wrong doing
C. Final analysis of these great warriors


Griffin, J. (1980). Homer on Life and Death.
Oxford, NY: Clarendon Press Inc.

Ford, A. (1992). Homer: The Poetry of the Past.
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press Inc.

Brann, E. (2002). Homeric Events.
Philadelphia, PA: Paul Dry Books Inc.

Lawall, S. (1999). The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces.
New York, NY: W.W. Norton and Co.

Although i sent these references, can use these and add a couple more?

This is the instructor's requirements:

One Major Research Paper for World Literature I with 1-page abstract (a summary of the research paper)
(5-6 typed, double spaced, excluding end pages)

1. Include a top sheet with the thesis statement and a brief outline of the paper (Introduction, Main Points, and Conclusion). Number all pages, top right, except for Page 1.

2. Include a second sheet with an abstract, 5-6 paragraphs, of the paper. The Research paper itself must be 5-6 pages

4. Use 3-5 sources, EXcluding general dictionaries, encyclopedias, Monarch, Cliff's Notes, or any other study guide. Norton's anthology, or the work itself, can be counted as one source.

5. Support your objective (omit personal references) interpretation with only 3-5 within the text cited sources of other valid critical interpretations found in reference books, journal articles and 3-5 selections from the work itself (avoid lengthy quotations). Use parenthetical citations and the most current MLA style to document the research paper.*

6. Thesis statement must be clear and focused and reflected throughout the paper to its conclusion.

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