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Instructions for Accounting Scandal College Essay Examples

Title: Accounting Scandals

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Essay Instructions: Requesting Writergirl

With the accounting scandals in 2002 and 2003, many have called for increased government regulations.

Will increased regulations help to reduce the kinds of scandals seen in recent years? Why or why not?

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Title: Autonomy Accounting Scandal

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Essay Instructions: The Case/Research:

Financial reporting and prevention of fraud through the application of significant internal policies and adherence to corporate governance elements such as federal regulations is a major concern by organizations and management today.

For the case study paper I would like for you to focus on the importance of Corporate Governance and how it’s application has interacted with an accounting or financial scandal.

You are to locate information regarding a singular accounting scandal (one company/not an entire industry) as reported in a major news outlet (not a minor blog or other off the mainstream reporting medium). The scandal must have taken place within the last five years.

You are to specifically provide analysis of…

1. What fraud or other financial malfeasance took place (and was proven/not speculated)?
2. How was the fraud or malfeasance discovered or brought to the attention of the authorities?
3. What federal laws or other regulations did the issue(s) violate?
4. What was the outcome (no “pending” cases) including who has been held accountable and what penalties were applied?
5. What was the outcome/impact to the shareholders of the company?

Submission/Completion Instructions:

1. All papers must be in a Microsoft Word or other compatible format. You are to submit single files only. No separate attachments will be accepted. Your paper may contain graphs, and legible financial data to help support your analysis but these should be kept to a minimum. You are a graduate student and I want to see you write.
2. All papers must be error free in regard to grammar/spelling/format, etc. You are to use appropriate punctuation and paragraph breaks. Font size should be no larger than 10 pt., Times New Roman.
3. Papers should be written in APA format with a minimum of five pages of analysis. Your cover page, index (if necessary), and reference pages do not count toward the page length.
4. All sources must be correctly referenced WITHIN your paper and on a reference page.
5. All submissions should be posted in the body of a thread in this discussion forum AND as an attachment to your message (I will download the attachment to grade while the posted version is for other students to enjoy/compare their work to) by 11:59 pm July 12, 2014 (HST.) Papers posted late will receive a zero. Papers submitted early are likely to be graded early. I would encourage you to read other’s works to see how your work compares to others.


The score for your Case Study/Research paper will be determined by the following parameters:

Below Expectations
Knowledge of the subject
0-19 points
20 points
Student posts a paper which does not relate to the subject of the discussion or only partially assesses the subject correctly.
Student clearly identifies and addresses the issue being researched
Factual Support
0-19 points
20 points
Student uses generic assumptions to support their findings (“If I were a buyer…”, “Imagine if you …)
Student provides appropriate facts, numbers, or events from the research and explains how the information supports the answer findings/outcome of the case
0-19 points
20 points
Student does not provide complete references (sources of information). Plagiarism will be reported to the university for disciplinary action if necessary.
Student lists reliable sources of information in the proper format
Writing Style
0-19 points
20 points
Student doesn't write in a logical manner, jumps from one subject to another, or makes many grammar / spelling mistakes
Student articulates their position in a highly organized manner as appropriate in the graduate environment and uses APA format.
0-19 points
20 points
Student only partially, or does not, completes the requirements of the case.
Student completes all requirements of the case study (all analysis)

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Title: Ethics

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Essay Instructions: Describe ethics and provide three examples of unethical behavior in accounting.

Discuss at least three reasons ethics is important in the accounting profession.

Identify at least three accounting scandals resulting from unethical behavior in accounting.

Discuss at least three strategies that can be used to maintain high ethical standards in the accounting profession.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Accounting in Crisis

Total Pages: 2 Words: 721 Sources: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This following must be addressed in the body of the paper:

During the early 2000s, the role of accounting and the auditing profession changed and several accounting scandals were uncovered.

1. What conditions caused accounting and the auditing profession role to change during this time.

2. What major changes occurred as a result of the accounting scandals.

Excerpt From Essay:

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