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Title: my life as a hispanic in a white community

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Essay Instructions: this college acceptance essay needs to be personal, flowing and interesting. here are some attempts and some details about what i need to say...add anything you want make it SPECIAL! fist attenpt follows/

1st draft and notes

Dinner at my house is served at 8PM. My dad is the cook in our home. As I get ready for dinner, I can hear the chatter and the laughter from the kitchen. As I come down the stairs, I can smell the rice and beans and the spicy chicken. There is so much noise in my home – the TV is on, a radio is announcing the yankee game and the dog barking. We all mix English and Spanish in our conversations, which range from the political to the personal, at times maybe too personal – nothing is sacred in my home. One moment, I am listening to my father speaking to me in Spanish – and I respond to him in English. But then my mother will speak to me in English – and I will respond to her in Spanish. We sit talking, in either English or Spanish, but always all at the same's chaos! After dinner things quiet down, and it is our time to connect, to share our lives and to enjoy one another. When we say our goodnights and head off to bed, the movies or whatever, we have had our time together and we feel bonded with one another.

My father is from Puerto Rico and my mother is from Colombia. They have had many rich and wonderful experiences that they have share with me. My mother works as a physician serving an underserved population and my father is the Executive Director of an HIV/AIDS prevention services agency in the Bronx. I have learned from them very important lessons – most importantly there are those who are less fortunate and need support, and that I have many gifts to be thankful for.

I moved here when i was 8.My old home in the Bronx was a real mixing pot, everyone parents were international! But we moved to the land of bologna and white bread and I feared my spanish heritage was a big liability. What was I to do about my funny name, my accented parents with their unique ways. I was a social animal in my old land and now, suddenly I worried about making friends and being accepted. Bringing kids to my home made me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. I was nervous that my friends would not like the spicy food, or poke fun at me because we spoke fast speed spanish or heavely accented english. I found myself suddenly resentful of the extremely outgoing nature of my family...the hugs, the kisses and the endless nicknames! What was I to do? Absolutely nothing for as a little time passed, I noticed that my friends not only didn’t have problems with my family, but they were drawn to them. Actually, they couldn’t get enough! The warm and welcoming nature of my home was something my friends craved. I had a new appreciation for the rich culture that was my home. I moved from feeling awkward to embracing and cherishing the differences.

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Title: Admission essay in to a School Counseling program

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Essay Instructions: Hi I need an acceptance essay for Capella University, Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Counseling. I will be pursuing a master’s degree in School Counseling. I am currently enrolled at the university but I want to change my major. I graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor degree in psychology in 2006. I am a 31 years old female who came to this country in 2001 from Bosnia and Herzegovina (I was present there during the war) as a refuge.

I will attach the PDF file of the school requirements for this essay. Please read page 2 and follow the instructions! Let me know if you need additional information from me.
Thank You

There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: My daughter who is in eighth grade is applying to the Medical Focus Program at Providence High School in Burbank, CA. You can get information about it from their website. I need help writing the acceptance essay. Please help write the essay from her point of view and make it a total of a page and a half. The question is: Keeping in mind there will be after school projects; What are your short term and long term goals? How does enrollment in the Medical Focus Program met these goals? Describe your participation in any volunteer or Science program.
My daughters long term goal is to be an orthodontist. She has been interested in this field ever since she was six years old and had an accident. She feel and hit her mouth on a bench, causing her to break some teeth and actually pushed one tooth back up into her gum. She immediately started to see an Orthodontist, and is still seeing him today. During her many visits to the Orthodontist, she fell in love with the field and knew thats what she wanted to do with her life. There is nothing more rewarding than when you take off the braces and see the patients expression and new beautiful smile. Putting aside that the patients actually want to be there, you get to know these patients and their families, and get to watch them grow and mature over the years. Your not just a regular doctor to them, you become a friend, a role model, and confidont to them. My daughter has what it takes to be an Orthodontist. Not only has she been seeing her Orthodontist every month for seven years, she has the talents and skills that it takes to be one. She has amazing steady hands, she loves taking on messy projects and making them neat, and she has an amazing talent and love for the sciences. Her science teacher constantly praises her and not only has she maintained a 4.0 in all her classes, she always ends up with above 100% from extra credit projects and questions. The short term goals are met in many ways. Not only will this program help her grow and live the core values of Respect, Compassion, Excellence, Justice, and Stewardship, it will also give her the opportunity to focus on the science and medical classes she loves, as well as experiencing first hand volunteering in the Health Care Profession where she can interact with patients and Health Care Professional which she so loves. She has already participated in many volunteer work activities such as the Club 21 Down syndrome Walkathon. She even received the Silver award in Girl Scouts from performing outstanding community service. She help organize an amazing successful book-drive for kids in Africa where she help collect donated books and helped raise the money to ship them. She also volunteers every year for the Church to put together donated gift baskets for the needy during the Holidays. Lastly, the program will be a wonderful experience to meet and grow with other students that are pre-medical and have similar interest. I also need to add in the essay that she has been in two science fairs. In one she did the famous experiment of which toothpaste works better, and another one where she made a clock work by energy from a potato. She loved doing both projects, and of course received a perfect grade for each.

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