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Title: Academic Success

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Essay Instructions: Tell us something that you have not already told us in this application that will help us to better understand your potential for academic success as a college student

I want to write how I was traveling in a foreign country as a 17 year old and 5 of us got separated from the group and had to find our way back to new York. I had taken control of the situation and managed to handle all the hysterics of not knowing the language , not having my parents or any other adult beside me to help. In the end I was able to take the leadership role of the group and we all got home together and safely. I was willing to put myself out there for others in order to get us all back to ny safely and calmly. I was proud of myself and really had to grow up a little faster in order to handle the situation.

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Title: Parental Involvement and Academic Success in Grades 7 12

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Essay Instructions: To Whom it May Concern: I need some help with a paper that I am writing for an Education Specialist Degree. Above, I listed that the level of the paper is on the masters level. However, I have already completed my masters and I am now about to complete my Educational Specialist Degree when this paper is completed. So you may want to write this paper at the masters level (I think that will be O.K.)
I am going to FAX you some information tomorrow morning when I get to work (between 8 am and 9 am central time). I will include an 2 examples to go by that I got from friends. The information and examples should be a great deal of help.
I am in the process of writing this paper on "Parental Involvement and Academic Success in Grades 7-12" (or middle school/high school). It is a research proposal. I'm sure that you already know that it needs to include, A. Define the Problem, with a review of literature. B. Plan of Action and Method of Assessment. C. Leadership Proficiencies D. Demonstration of Leadership Proficiencies.
The paper needs to be between 15-20 pages with a bibliography page included (about 10 references will be O.K.) Please include the name of the school that I work at (Lauderdale County High School) in the paper. This school is located in a rural area with about 1000 students K-12. There are approximately 80 students per grade. 90% white and 10% black.
Thank You for the help and please contact me if I can be of any help. Work--256-247-3414, Home--256-757-6509, Cell--931-332-0431, e-mail,

Patrick Freeman
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Is Standardized Testing a Valid Tool of Measuring Students Academic Success

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Essay Instructions: Please, write an argument in response to education topic: "Os standardized testing a valid tool of measuring students' academic success?".
This is not an informational paper. This paper should develop ideas on the topic.
The paper should clearly identify an education issue.
It should have a clear claim and well developed reasons.
It should use at least 4 appropriately cited quotes and paraphrases.
Each paragraph should be well developed with controlling ideas and transitions.
The logic supporting the argument should be well thought out and sound. There should be a clear flow of ideas throughout the paper.

The information questions to be answered :
1. Definition and examples of standardized tests.
2. Factual benefits of having unified test system.
3. Drawbacks of standardized testing.
4. Correlation between standardized tests' scores and students acceptance rate.
5. Other methods of measuring students' academic success.

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Title: How to Motivate Children Academically

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Essay Instructions: This paper is a journal that is why I picked other.

Complete a journal entry, by doing some research on a question about child development. The questions are designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of some important topics in child development. After you have completed your research, you will compose your answer to the journal entry prompt in one or two brief paragraphs (~ 200 words per entry). Your answers should reflect your college level writing skills, and your comprehension of the psychological concepts being discussed. Your journal will be graded on the depth of thought reflected in your answers as well as the quality of your research and writing.

To help students avoid plagiarism, a NO QUOTATIONS policy has been instituted. NO QUOTATIONS ARE ALLOWED. Instead you are expected to research, read, reflect and reword the ideas you learn from other sources. You are still required to cite the sources that you used, giving credit for the origin of those ideas, and boosting credibility for your essay!

The question is:

Do some research on your own to explain academic success in children. Research attributions for academic success, self-efficacy in the academic context, and positive academic stereotypes. Share your scholarly opinion on the statistical diversity often found in US academic performance: could it be caused by nature or nurture? intelligence, environment, cultural attributions, self efficacy, stereotypes, motivation, socioeconomic status, nutrition and malnutrition, parenting practices?? What best practices might you suggest to improve academic performance for all children?

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