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Essay Instructions: I need to write this essay because I cheated in a math course last quarter and i have to attend a Academic Integrity seminar. This essay is an "application essay", but not a real application essay. The specific detail will be in the document i sent to u later.
The essay will includes the story of my violation. So here is the story: I took Math 20C in the summer session II last year. I worked hard during the whole course, but in the final exam, I m so stressed and nervous that i cannot remember what i studied. so i just copied the one who sat next to me.
You can just expand and specify the story.
And basically, after telling the violation story, just write what i learning after the academic integrity seminar.
More details and requirement of how to write this essay will be included in the document i ll sent to you later.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Academic Integrity Seminar

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Essay Instructions: 1. Is it naive for business leaders to try to be honest?
Please pay particular attention to Alan Greenspan's Harvard Commencement Speech. Provide a key quotation from the speech. You are not obligated to agree with any perspectives in Mr. Greenspan's speech, but you are expected to consider the question with care; state a clear conclusion; and support your conclusion with convincing arguments.
2. Please read and think about this quotation:
"The mind is fickle and flighty, it flies after fancies and whatever it likes; it is difficult indeed to restrain. But it is a great good to control the mind; a mind self-controlled is a source of great joy."
--Buddha's Teachings (Penguin Classics, p. 8).
Identify three strategies you use (or recommend) to strengthen self-control. Please see this reading for ideas: An interview conducted with Roberto Assagioli by Sam Keen

3. Please read Book One of the Meditations of Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. Then write a concise statement of gratitude (400 words or less) identifying the ethical and intellectual debts you owe to family members, teachers, or friends. Fictitious names are permitted, but the statement of gratitude should be genuine.

4. What is the thesis of Joshua Wolf Shenk's article about Abraham Lincoln? Identify three of Lincoln's coping strategies (skills, habits, or ways of thinking) that helped him use depression to achieve his greatness.
5. The Declaration of Independence refers to the ''pursuit of happiness.'' Should the word ''pleasure'' be substituted for ''happiness''? Why/why not? Explain your answer.

6. Read Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Respond to each of the following questions, identifying the appropriate number and letter in front of your answer (e.g. the first question is ''5 (a)).''
6 (a). Why did Ivan conclude his life ''was not the real thing?'' (Consider Ivan's interests, values, aims, and his relationships with his family).

6 (b). Why did Ivan stop screaming? (Provide a specific quotation).

6 (c). What does Tolstoy have to say about the attractions of materialism? (Give an example from Ivan's life.)

7. Read the ''sample dialogue'' and answer questions 6 (a), (b), and (c), referring to the appropriate question number and letter at the beginning of your answer.
7 (a). What do you find convincing in the dialogue? Why? What is unconvincing? Why?

7 (b). On a scale of 1-10 (10 being excellent), how would you rate the dialogue? Please explain your answer.

7 (c). Pick any one of the dean's answers or comments in the dialogue. Rewrite the answer or comment to reflect a better argument, from the dean's point of view.

8. What is the single most important thing the University can do to promote academic integrity on campus? Please explain your answer.

9. Please review the assigned excerpts from An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps by Terrence Des Pres. Kindly respond to this question:
"Does Terrence Des Pres think the human moral sense is an idealistic illusion or an evolutionary survival strategy?"
Please explain your answer, agreeing or disagreeing with Des Pres' analysis. Cite at least one of the numbered paragraphs for support.
10. How is a good life defined, and what is your plan to achieve it? Please refer to the assigned readings (above) to support your answers

please give concise, thoughtful answers to all of the questions below. Your answers should be appropriately numbered and placed

Please make reference to the readings in your answers. IMPORTANT: We'll want to see, for example, that you've given careful thought to Alan Greenspan's views about the ''value added'' characteristic of business ethics.

There are no length requirements, although high quality will be expected.

This is for my Academic Integrity Seminar.
Answers should be Thoughtful and serious.
Also, use easy English Because I speak English as a Second Language.
No bibliography needed aparted from assigned readings if a writer just citate or paraphrase from outside sources,I will
request a refund.

you shoudld write anwers in your own word.

I will post reading materials in additional resources file.
You should write and answer the paper based on the readings that I have posted,
You must read my reading materials that I have posted before you answer ans write the paper.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: workshp

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Essay Instructions: 2. Click on "View the Research Tutorials" in the Library Services sectionReview the following videos:University Library OverviewUniversity Library ServicesBasic ResearchAnswer the following question: How can these resources help students uphold academic integrity? Just 1 or 2 paragraphs.

2. According to the Using Sources Effectively in Academic Writing information presentation, answer the below questions using an article from the University Library:What are the differences between a summary, a direct quote, and a paraphrase?Provide an example of all three - a summary, a direct quote, and a paraphrase.

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Title: Academic Integrity At Northeatern Universiy Boston

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Essay Instructions: Explain to me Northeastern's expectations around Academic Integrity ( 11)-responsible, then explain what the rules are for writing lab reports, then provide strategies you will use so as to avoid another violation of this policy in the future, then discuss proper sources to use in your academic work. Specifically, what sources can you use to write your lab reports and how do you cite them? Discuss anything else you have learned from this experience. This paper must be double -space typewriting with one-inch margins, 12-point font, and appropriate citations.

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