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Title: Why women stay abusive relationships briefly cover steps remedy situation Approx 1000 words

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Essay Instructions: Why women stay in abusive relationships and briefly cover what steps they could take to remedy the situation. (Approx 1000 words).

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Essay Instructions: Requesting an 8-page research paper on Women in Abusive Relationships. Research and identify a minimum of two sociological issues faced by your selected population segment.
Provide statistics and background data to document the issues.
Describe and discuss the social -cultural factors contributing to the issues. Include discussion on political, economic, legal, practical, and ethical aspects. Discuss the multiple levels contributing to and/or perpetuating the issues: individual, group, and societal levels.
Identify and discuss what you feel are the two most significant challenges to solving the two issues you identified in number 2. Justify your responses with data and citations from your research sources.
Propose a statistical research project that directly relates to one or both of the two strata/segment issues you identified in number 2 above.
Create a plan to conduct your research study: Who would be involved? What would be a realistic timeline? How many people would be needed to conduct the research project from a staffing perspective?
Describe in detail what you want to measure and why
Which statistical analysis method would be most appropriate for your application and why (which statistical tests/measurements would you use and why? Explain and justify your answer.
How many subjects would you require for your study and why? Justify your answer
What is the value of doing your research? How could the data be used and by whom? (Identify specific organizations, agencies, and/or divisions /departments of state and federal entities.)

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Title: Abusive Relationships

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Essay Instructions: I am doing this for someone else, so not sure if this is an essay, research or term paper. At any rate, I need to correlate this paper with a story or book. I''ve chosed Cinderella. My paper is titles "Abusive Relationships: The Cinderella Effect". I have to write about abusive relationships in the context of step familys (step parents, step children, step siblings) and how that can turn our negative and sometimes abusive due to the nature of the cohabitation. I am likening it to the story of Cinderella. I would like to see the paper this Wednesday at noon or no later than 5pm is possible. PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU CANNOT DO THIS! I need 1 title page, 1 bib page and 3 pages of content. Must have 3 sited sources: 1 from the internet, 1 from a book and 1 from a news article.

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Title: Abused Women

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Essay Instructions: This is a Independant Study Literary Essay
The Two novels im doing are:
Black and Blue by: Anna Quindlen
The women who walked into doors by: Roddy Doyle
the common theme in both books are abused women i am to focus on 3 different controlling ideas and compare each novel to these ideas.
Inquiry question: ex. why do women love the hand that beats them? what do these women do to push there husbands to abuse?(something to that extent)
Thesis Statement:
Controlling idea #1
-supporting quote
-supporting quote
-supporting quote
-supporting quote
Controlling idea #2
-supporting quote ( 4 suppporing ideas for each controlling idea...with 3 controlling ideas

Conclusion/extended thesis:

for each controlling idea there is a topic sentence
-block 1
-block 2
there are 3 Subtopics with 2 block with in them
A block is a subtopic for each book and arugment for each controlling idea and comparison for each novel
APPROX 1-2 PARAGRAPHS for each controlling idea
9 QUOTES per novel
what i need to recieve a level 4:
-establishes an original authentic thesis and developes creative and complex controlling ideas
-makes highly preceptive comparisons between both books
-clearly focuses around the thesis and contolling ideas
-all parts are well developed
These are some of my ideas for focus and maybe they can help develope a thesis:
what causes a man to strike his wife, maybe things from their home life experiences growing up, why a women will still love their man even tho he hurts them, compare the books in what each women does differently to escape there abusive relationships what was hard their stuggles. something along the lines of comparing the women to each book and the husbands, finding similarites.
Also send the Readers notes made from reading the books if u CAN! Dont make the essay too complex and sophisticated for my teacher will not believe it is mine (ha ha)JUst make the vocabulary.HIGH school grade 11 academic level..thank you very much you are a life saver!!

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