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Essay Instructions: We are to view two films (The Devil Wears Prada and A Few Good Men), and report their research on five themes that strongly depict ethical and moral choices through the actions of the characters, their roles, and their dilemmas.
The five themes are: followership, abuse of power, moral decision making, altruism, shadow casters.

How To Construct The Research Paper
? Use headings, i.e., Introduction, Overview of Film #1, Theme-Followership, etc.
? First, provide a brief, again brief overview of each film and describe which theme(s) were present in the film
? Second, briefly describe the people and situation(s) that relate to each theme. What happened? What did he/she/they do? How was the theme demonstrated? Remember: Do not repeat the films' storyline in the analysis. (This is where students will learn and/or refresh their ability to summarize information more effectively)
? Third, explain what the textbook authors says about each theme present. Provide examples of what other researchers say about the themes present, i.e., Abuse of Power.
? Fourth, clearly express your opinion or points-of-views about the themes, and what the textbook author says, etc.
? Finally, in your Conclusion/Precis statement include:
What you learned from the content of the project
What information you agreed/disagreed with
What specific leadership and followership ethical lessons you took away from each film
Include whether you enjoyed the presentations or not, and why. Include any other information you may want to share about the report.

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Essay Instructions: Executive Orders or Abuse of Power?

Read "The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential Directives" by Todd Gaziano.

1. List the different types of presidential directives cited by Gaziano.
2. In Gaziano?s view, what are the legitimate uses of presidential directives?
3. Do you agree with Gaziano?s conclusion that ?aggressive use? of presidential directives is necessary for a President to ?project strength as the leader of the free world?? Why or why not?

The paper must be two to three pages in length and formatted according to APA style.

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Title: The Crucible 1692 1952

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Essay Instructions: The Crucible: 1692 and 1952
Arthur Miller has written a number of pieces on the significance of The Crucible as an allegory for the McCarthy era. Here are a few quotations taken from the readings for this Topic:
? "But as the anti-Communist crusade settled in, and showed signs of becoming the permanent derangement of the American psyche, a kind of mystery began to emerge from its melodramas and comedies. We were all behaving differently than we used to; we had drunk from the cup of suspicion of one another; people inevitably were afraid of too close an association with someone who might one day fall afoul of some committee. Even certain words vibrated perilously, words like organize, social, militant, movement, capitalism - it didn't do to be on too familiar terms with such language. We had entered a mysterious pall from which there seemed no exit." (Cup of Suspicion)
? "...what kept assaulting my brain now was not the hunt for witches itself; it was the paralysis that had led to more than 20 public hangings of very respectable farmers by their neighbors. There was something "wonderful" in this spectacle, a kind of perverse, malign poetry that had simply swamped the imaginations of these people. I thought I saw something like it around me in the early 50's. The truth is that the more I worked at this dilemma the less it had to do with Communists and McCarthy and the more it concerned something very fundamental in the human animal: the fear of the unknown, and particularly the dread of social isolation. What research showed me, and what I hoped the play would show the country and the world, was the continuity through time of human delusion, and the only safeguard, fragile though it may be, against it - namely, the law and the courageous few whose sacrifice illuminates delusion." (Cup of Suspicion).
? "It was as though the court had grown tired of thinking and had invited in the instincts: spectral evidence--that poisoned cloud of paranoid fantasy--made a kind of lunatic sense to them, as it did in plot-ridden 1952, when so often the question was not the acts of an accused but the thoughts and intentions in his alienated mind." (Why I Wrote The Crucible)
? "Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied." (Why I Wrote The Crucible)
? "For some, the play seems to be about the dilemma of relying on the testimony of small children accusing adults of sexual abuse, something I'd not have dreamed of forty years ago. For others, it may simply be a fascination with the outbreak of paranoia that suffuses the play--the blind panic that, in our age, often seems to sit at the dim edges of consciousness. ... But below its concerns with justice the play evokes a lethal brew of illicit sexuality, fear of the supernatural, and political manipulation, a combination not unfamiliar these days." (Why I Wrote The Crucible)
There is the obvious theme in The Crucible: the abuse of power and the corruption of those in power. The power of the church and its ministers moves the action, whose focus is the witchcraft trials. The civil authorities, bolstered by the church, use fear to control the people, and citizens use gossip and slander to defend themselves. There is a less obvious theme in the sexual spark that sets off the firestorm: John Proctor has abused his servant girl, Abigail, by committing adultery with her. She appears as a conniving outcast who exploits the growing hysteria to assert her power over Proctor. But she is a victim herself who compensates for her loss of innocence and respect by rousing the other children in a frenzied, adolescent game of sticking together to protect themselves at all costs - even the destruction of the community.
What moment in the play seems to you to describe or explain most powerfully the situation in 1952? Describe how the action or speeches of characters in this moment evoke the fear and hysteria of McCarthyism. Use material from the play to illustrate your points. Gather your observations and thoughts into an essay -

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Essay Instructions: Analysis of the Film Changeling - (directed by Clint Eastwood) in terms of camera shots, angle and movements;; dialogue, sound and music and its effects on the audience in 5-8 of the major scenes to eptimose the role and/or of institutions, disempowerment of women and the abuse of power.

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