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Title: stages of development

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Essay Instructions: Research Paper
Will be research paper that includes attention to at least three stages of development,is written in APA style, contains a minimun of six(6) valid references, and has a section on personal venues of growth, development and change, also included will be a portion devoted to professional/vocational growth and development.

Summary of my personal venues of Growth and development. Professional/vocational and development. may be helpful for you to develop my research paper

Three stages of my life (6-12)

My late childhood (growth and develpment) happened in a small town(countryside) around animals,mountains and good friends.
What have influenced me the most being working in the mental health especially addiction counseling field was my personal(growth and developemnt) experience at my late childhood(6-12).There were 2 sides of my personal experience: Bad and good
The good side of my growth and devepoment at this stage that have influenced me the most was my realtionship with my mother, animals and my inseparable good friends.
My interaction with animals have helped me building a sense of what realtionship should be.I love animals especially dogs and sheep. My father rose many sheep. When you live among them with respec,sincerity, loyalty etc., they feedback with some attitude or even better. They were good teachers.
My relationship with animals also helped me build in my mind what a health realtionship shoud be with my little fiends as well. They understood because they were always with me. They were part of my world as well. We have always supported each other.
I end the good side of this stage having my mother as the most influential person who made me who I am today. My mother was a faithful woman. She dedicated he life helping homeless. One day she told me that"God appreciates people who lives to serve others. She was happy doing that service.
The bad side of my late childhood that most influenced to work as addiction counselor was my father alcohol addiction. Alcohol and drugs destroy relationships and families. I want to help families with same problems.

Stage of development(12-20)

This stage was of challenging,descovering and conflict. My family moved out to a much bigger city and I had to make new friends and facing new school. also I start having physical changes and along with that new behavior.I Started going out dating, party but I never tried alcohol or drug.My father was yet drinking alcohol and continue to affected all family.
At age 16 was my first sexual experience, and I enjoyed very much. I was changing not physically but mentally as well. I Fell in love with a girls, felt like a man.I felt like my living with family was not necessary. I wanted to be "free" of my family counseling.
I was tired, frustated with my father alcoholic problem and very sorry about my mother suffering with that. I really wanted to move out to started my new life with my girlfriend.That time my mother was pregnant and gave birth a boy who years later was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
My conflicts with my father increased, my girld friend died on car accident and I moved out to live in Rio de Janeiro.
I was around 20 year old when I went to Rio.My life in Rio was enjoyable. I made others friends, dated beautiful girls etc. However, I started thinking about future. The economy was not good enough to provide a secure job, I quitted school. My internal conflict sbout my future increased each years. I felt insecure about that. It was few years of financial hardship.

Third stage Life between 20 to 40
This financial "finished" when I had an apportunity to study at USA. When I was in Rio I meet an business man who help financially to study english in USA. I was around 26 years old.
My beginning in USA was not easy. I was getting 27 year old and I had to star live all over again. This "deep" transition from my culture to American culture delayed many things in my life. I expected to be married having my family but this has not happened and I was frustated with that.
After 4 year in USA I went to Visit my family and I met my brother who was diagnosed with schizophernia. I was shocked when I saw my brother being letf behind, neglected and misunderstood in the community. I could not understand that. All these events that happened with me, my family and myself influenced and helped me to attend graduate school of mental heath and addiction. I really wanted to understand all this matters. Today I work for Homeless Outreach and Advocacy and Counseling.
Where I work now is not casuality. I start to work in this fiel when I was at the small town seeing my mother helping those homeless. Seeing my father, my mother and myself being victm of this horrible disease called alcohol. Seeing my brother being misunderstood and left behind from the community and society.

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Title: Goals Statement

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Essay Instructions: Dear Sir/Madam:
Admission affice at George Mason Universitymy, asked me to write a goals statement (750 to 1000 words) and attach it with my application form to the Master's program in chemistry.Here is a detailed information about me that i think will help you write my statement.
thank you in advance.

Mohamed Mekki
telphone: (571) 243 6976

I was four years old the youngest member of my family when my father pass away in a fatal car accident, my mother that great women had made a mitment with her self to spend her life taking care of us. She was and still my supporter in this life. I really don?t know what the word (father) mean but I can write books about my mother. She was always encouraging me to succeed she was dreaming to see her kids among a successful persons she was always saying that to me, now she has to proud of herself that all of my brothers and my sister are graduated from universities and they all succeeded in their lives.

chemistry is a mother of science this is what I believe on and this is what I was always telling my friends and my family.

Despite that no one of my family was a chemist, I was fascinated and admired by chemistry, I had to have a book called (chemistry for kids ) and small lab that was a gift from my mother when I was ten years old, I remember that I had to do some experimental using local home materials and I remember very well my first hands made product was tooth paste and I was very happy to use it every day in the morning before I go to school.
My last year in higher school and before I admitted to university I was dreaming to attend the collage of science and study chemistry to make my dream es true , and it was lucky day when I was approved to the Sudan University Of Science and Technology, collage of science chemistry department.

In university I was one of active students in the lab and one of the chemistry society members, in the second year I won the election and became the secretary of General Relationship and Students activities, I was responsible for all students activities like the weekly news, field trips ,social events and seminars that held to reflect to students activities and skills.
In my third year we used to make field trips to the industrial areas as part of the education programs, I attracted by this field and from that time I decided to change my major from biochemistry to industrial chemistry concentrating in quality control and quality assurance.
I worked as summer research assistance in Industrial Research and Consultancy Center Where I gained good experience that helped me in my graduate research.

My graduation research was ( Vegetable oils and quality control ), and it was mainly about how to improve and develop this industry and get the maximum utilization of oil seeds concerning about the quality of the oil and human health and nutrition .my project gave me a good opportunity to be in the industrial field where I had to make all my experimental and practice in the product line and quality control lab where I built a good relationship with the employees, managers and senior lab analysts and I became well known in some oils and soap factories which is helped me later in my career life. In 1996 I had my B.S. Degree (Honor) in chemistry and I was among the best five students in the class. I earned scholarship from University to continue in the master?s program.
In 1996 and in th the same year of my graduation , I haired by Beta International one of the biggest panies that own and direct several factories in the aria. I was doing my postgraduate research while I was working as Lab Analyst in the quality control unit. My graduate research was ( Soapstock Treatment, Utilization and Application ), Soapstock is one of the oils industry by-product that was considered as waste in industry process. My project study was how recycle and utilized this by-product to produce fatty acids that can be use in soap field, foods, pharmaceutical and animal nutrition.

later and after I finished my post graduate year I became one of the R&D members whitch it gave me a good opportunity to work in several research projects.
One of my researches was how to introduce bleaching powder (activated earth)from local materials, where I treated the pure bentonite with concentrated sulfuric acid in high temperature, the lab results were wonderful when I used it bleach the oil .I was also one of the operation team that setup the first glycerin unit that made by pure Sudanese hands and materials. I was responsible for all glycerin analysis during the operation and developed the lab with appropriate supplementary material, including a laboratory manual for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

In 1999 by the pany request I went to work in Beta international (Cairo Branch) where I was responsible for all chemicals and lab instruments needs for (Sudan Branch) which was a very good experience added to my career life where I used to deal with one of biggest chemical factories and trade panies in Egypt, I made a strong relationship with good chemists there and it was very useful for me to learn a lot of new things in Cairo I also knew a lot of thing about business and management because I used to prepare a specific documents for Ex-ported chemicals and lab instruments. I also learned how write and edited a contract proposals, over all that I learn new skills that how municate with people and make deals. I also learn new puter skills like MS Word, Excel, power point, internet, and windows 98.

In 2000 I moved to USA, and I it was very hard for me to find a job in my field, until I met a friend of mind whom refer me to an International trade pany that was an a gent of some American panies and has offices in the Middle East area and Egypt. and because of my good relations with Egyptian panies I worked with A Gulf Sea International pany in 2001as a Consultant and Assistant Manager. the pany was mainly working in chemicals, lab hardware and software equipments for industrial and academic use, I used to supply these office with last catalogs and new products from American panies and make all the munications needs to establish these orders . I used to work as a link between our customers and contractors and follow the orders to guarantee timely delivery for quality services.
I also used to design marketing materials, posters and brochures for trade show, I was also studying and searching a new product opportunity, including petitive, feasibility and financial analyses.
Lately and when the pany faced financial problems, I went to look for another job and continue my study in chemistry and make my dream e true. Now I?m working as security officer at MCI Data Center. I think all last years in career life built my character and make me more confidante about myself that I will success in my education life because I?m a hard worker, creative and very organized .
During my search in American universities I heard that George Mason University is one of the biggest and famous universities in Washington area. I made one visit to Fairfax campus and talked with Dr. Hussam whom was a good listener encouraged me to apply for this Maters?s and I will be happy if he will take me as one of his students.
I?m currently enrolled in some puter classes to improve my puter?s skills, I like swimming, almost all kinds of sport, reading, talking to new people and make friends.

I know that I have the love , hope and faith to succeed in anything to which I turn my energies, yes it has taken me many years but I have finally arrived. I?m ready , I?m willing and I?m still thirsty.

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