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Title: personal narrative

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Essay Instructions: I want to present a personal narrative about a life changing event that has influenced me in a certain way. I will send you what I have writen about how I was confused about growing up. I had no guidence and a big attitude about me always thinking I was doing the right thing.
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Essay Instructions: I need help with an acceptance essay for a PysD program. Here tis he essay question:

Many people choose Clinical Psychology as a career because they are interested in helping other people. Please tell us additional reasons, other than helping people, why you would like to be a clinical psychologist. Also, In your role as a clinical psychology student, you are likely to work and study with people from many backgrounds. Please tell us what will be some of the challenges for you studying with people different from yourself, and what you would contribute in your interactions with them.

Some info about me:
Male, 35 years old, currently enrolled in master program in marriage and family therapy.

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