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Title: Normal versus Abnormal Behavior wk10

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Essay Instructions: Normal versus Abnormal Behavior
Defining abnormal behavior is not an easy task. Psychologists view abnormal behavior as existing on a spectrum from unusually healthy to extremely disturbed. Rather than fixed categories, both "abnormal" and "normal" behaviors exist along a continuum. The four criteria are: statistical infrequency, disability or dysfunction, personal distress, and violation of norms.
For this assignment, please address the following:
In your own words, define what "normal" and "abnormal" mean.
Locate and provide two scientific definitions of abnormal behavior??"from the info i sent you or the internet.
Describe the four criteria to be met for behavior to be considered abnormal and provide an example of each.
Discuss the need for multiple criteria and explain why one criterion is not enough to accurately classify abnormal behavior and psychological disorder.
Can you think of any behavior you exhibit that might be considered abnormal if your own cultural norms were not taken into account?

Evaluation Criteria:
Did you define normal and abnormal, in your own words?
Did you provide two scientific definitions of abnormal behavior?
Did you describe the four criteria for abnormal behavior and explain why these are needed?
Did you provide a personal example of a behavior that might be considered abnormal, when removed from your cultural context?
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Title: abnormal behavior

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Essay Instructions: : What is Abnormal?
In my first lecture I gave some brief examples of abnormal behavior. Here are a couple of additional examples for you to discuss:

(1) A teenager goes into a convenience store to buy a soft drink. He hears a commotion at the front of the store and turns around to see a man in a mask pointing a gun at the clerk. As he watches the robber takes money from the cash register, but then, for no apparent reason, shoots the clerk and runs. The teenager calls 911 but the clerk dies before help arrives. Since this event the teenager has difficulty sleeping and nightmares about the event. He does not want to talk about the event and avoids anything that would remind him of it, such as going in to a convenience store. He feels distant from family and friends whom he feels cannot understand what has happened to him. Do you consider this behavior abnormal?
(2) During her first semester of college a student wants to stay in touch with all of her own friends. She is on Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn with them. Soon she starts experimenting with other social networking websites like Nexopia, Bebo, Hi5, and Friendster where she begins corresponding with other people. She finds herself constantly texting them, tweeting them about everything she is doing, and spending most of her evenings on the computer with them. She neglects her classes and her new college friends who stop trying to get her to do other things. Is this a case of psychological abnormality or just a hobby gone overboard? What should she do? What should her friends do?
(3) An article in a Florida newspaper described a little girl entering kindergarten as actually a boy. The 5-year-old’s parents and the school administrators agree that it is in his best interests to blend in as a female. The child looks quite feminine, will wear only girl’s clothing, and plays with dolls. He insists that he is a girl and says that he hates his penis which he often tries to hide between his legs. He has three siblings, 2 girls and a boy, and lives with his father, an attorney, and his mother, who has a master’s degree in counseling. (Note: Since this event, a California school district has gone a step further and declared all grade school as gender neutral with children wearing clothing of the gender of their choice and unisex bathrooms.) Is this an example of abnormal behavior, just a temporarily confused boy, or a condition we should try to understand and accept? Should he receive treatment for his condition?

For each of these three cases discuss the following:
A. Is this an instance of abnormal behavior and should it have a diagnosis? What criteria for abnormality are met? What is the difference between psychological abnormality and other kinds of unusual or deviant behavior? Present arguments why it should be considered abnormal and should be given a diagnosis, and arguments why it should not be considered abnormal. Which do you find most persuasive and why? Is there further information you would want to know to make a better decision?
B. In general we think of disorders or problem behaviors as having possible causes in (a) the person’s environment; (b) the person’s psychological make up, traits, and coping skills; and (c) the person’s biological make up. In each of these cases, why do you think this person might have developed some problematic behavior while others in the same situation did not?
C. Do you think the behavior is changeable? What would you recommend to help the person? Do you think any particular form of psychotherapy might be helpful?
Most people take each case in turn and discuss the points, but other organizations are possible and acceptable. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words or about 6 pages.

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Essay Instructions: I will need paragraphs that will define and classify normal and abnormal behavior. I only need about three hundred words for all of it.
Topics: Culture , Gender and sexual preferences/practices, and religion

I will need these parag.'s to be double spaced, times new roman font 12, I need you to cite the information like following: "info.", (author, date, pg. and number). Please do not sway from this!!
I will need you to answer following question also:

"Explain how classifications of abnormal behavior can vary widely based on situational factors."

I will need this before Saturday and early on Friday (ASAP) this day!!! I need at least three references also. Any questions please ask me in e-mail.

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Title: Introduction to Psychopathology

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Essay Instructions: Prepare a 1200-word paper in which you analyze the historical and contemporary views of abnormal behavior and psychopathology. In your examination, be sure to address the following:
a. Describe the origins of Abnormal Psychology.
b. Provide a brief overview of how Abnormal Psychology has evolved into a scientific discipline.
c. Assess the theoretical viewpoints and interpretations of the biological, psychosocial, and sociocultural models.

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