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Title: Alcoholics Anonymous

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Essay Instructions: Please write this paper as though you have attended an AA meeting. I'm suppose to attend and observe an AA meeting and write about it for my Psychiatric Nursing class. The paper requires discussion about disabilities and disorders related to alcoholism. Here's a couple web site: and Discussion of group type (which was an open group which are ongoing and run indefinitely, allowing members to join and leave the group as they need to) and their goal process (involvement and behavior of group members). You can create a couple fictional people and discuss their disorders and how how they behaved during the meeting. Discuss group leaders and their effectiveness (again create a group leader who is an effective and an empathetic leader). Synopsis of group content. I'm also supposed to write how I felt about the meeting. I think that AA is beneficial for those who have accepted that they have a problem. It gives that person time to heal and seek help from others who suffer from the same disorders or problems.

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Title: What are your three most significant accomplishments so far

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Essay Instructions: Essay length should be ~400 words. Please stay close to this limit otherwise I will have to prune it myself.

Brief given below:

1. Airtel ??" Technology transformation from ATM to IP
a. Background
i. Airtel’s launch of its broadband service was based on high density ATM DSLAMs of over 1000 ports each.
ii. Over 99% of their customer had opted for plans of 64kbps and 128kbps
iii. Usage patterns at the time showed per sub b/w to be 4kbps each --> 1000 subs needed 4Mbps
iv. Hence DSLAMs were selected that had 16Mbps of upstream capacity ??" a seemingly huge amount
v. Planning team did not foresee the demand for increased bandwidth plans
vi. The 16Mbps upstream capacity was soon choked.
vii. Hence, fewer ports could be utilized on the DSLAMs
b. The problem
i. The finance department was not authorized to exceed the per subscriber CapEx and couldn’t fund additional DLAMs unless existing ports were utilized
ii. The planning team had exhausted their budget allocation and could not re-assign unused funds
iii. CSD dept was unable to meet CSAT figures
iv. Customer acquisition was not below expectation due to increase in churn
v. DSLAM vendor was pressurizing us to place orders as per the contractual commitments made
c. The solution
i. I put together a task force with members from all affected stakeholders to get their buy-in on whatever plan was agreed upon
ii. The vendor agreed to buy back existing equipment for 15% less than what they originally cost and supply new range of IP DSLAMs at 10% lower cost per port.
iii. Sales committed to an increase in sales effort and make up the remaining 5% deficit within 6 months
iv. I, along with my boss met the company president and had him approve the plan and instruct Finance to disburse funds accordingly.
d. Conclusion
i. Project was a success. The team exceeded expectations by delivering the ROI in under 5 months
ii. The aggressive sales tactics adopted for this project continued well into the next year leading to higher than anticipated growth for the broadband business
iii. The new equipment enabled Airtel to keep ahead of the curve and lead the market by launching the highest speed plans in the Indian broadband market.
2. Spectranet ??" Launch of Prepaid Broadband
a. Background
i. The dot-com bust of 2000 happened a few months before the launch of Spectranet, India’s first broadband ISP
ii. Instead of the much promised equity funding, Spectranet was left with crippling debt, fewer customers than needed to be self sustaining even without the debt, a large amount of optical fibre cable assets that needed to be maintained.
iii. Spectranet’s parent company serviced the debt and kept us going
iv. All of Spectranet’s customers were post-paid
b. The problem
i. Broadband rollout was very CapEx intensive. O&M and collections were also very expensive
ii. Any additional expense ??" servicing of complaints, physical pickup of cheques from lazy customers ??" depleted our already meagre funds
iii. Increased Internet usage and time spent online by customers forced us to buy ever increasing amounts of expensive upstream bandwidth without any increase in revenue
c. The solution
i. I devised the concept of prepaid, usage based plans and along with my team, developed a financial model. Once we had a set of numbers that looked good, we set about the building the billing and networking infrastructure that would form the heart of the solution.
ii. We established a sales team that focused solely on developing franchise partners who would invest in rolling out the last mile network, acquire customers via their own sales efforts and provide customer support.
iii. We outsourced a large part of our operations ??" network rollout and customer support

3. The rehabilitation of my father-in-law
My dear father in law Baba, a qualified doctor, had a drinking problem! We were
expecting our first child, yet the spectre of Baba's alcoholism loomed over our otherwise
happy lives. Even as I spent time trying to understand and help Baba, his illness took
over completely, impacting all aspects of our lives.

I took it upon myself to work with Baba, support him through his illness and get him
to be the doting grandpa I knew he could be. I spent time increasing my self awareness
about this illness. I encouraged him to join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and even
attended some of the AA meetings with him.

This very personal experience exposed me to an illness and the havoc it can wreak on
families. I started volunteering my time to the Delhi AA. Subsequently Baba and I
founded the Noida AA chapter, starting out in my basement, helping more people
overcome their illness. Ten years on, the Noida AA chapter has helped approx 800 individuals
overcome their illness and has expanded to have 3 new AA chapters.

So how is Baba day? Well he has been sober for the last 15 years. Since my mother in
law’s demise, he has moved in with us. His practise is thriving and it is a joy to see what
an indulgent grandfather he is to my children.

For me this volunteer work has been a humbling experience, for now I truly believe
that "The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but
reveal to them their own".
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