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Title: John Donne

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Essay Instructions: I need a 2-3 page explication of John Donne's "A Valediction: of Weeping". The poem begins with "Let me pour forth/My tears before thy face", and ends with "Who e'r sighs most, is cruellement, and hastes the other's death".

My professor says the following about the explication:

An explication procedes "unit by unit, noting what there is to note and extracting the unit's "meaning." You will need to quote words and phrases in the explication, noting parenthetically the relevant line or line numbers." The introduction is rather fubctional; we need to know what poem you're workign with, and what it is about. After explicating the poem,you should be able to say more about the poem's theme, as well as any striking techniques. The conclusion, therefore, is more important than the introduction."

I read through the poem , and have noted the following:
-The poem is divided into three stanzas
-Each stanza had a conceit: stanza one: coin mintage; stanza two: the globe; stanza three: the Moon and weather

Please include a title for the explication.

Excerpt From Essay:

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