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Title: A River Runs Through it

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Essay Instructions: A River runs through it

Take one of the major themes that I suggested, and describe how the novella A River Runs Through It develops that theme. 3 pages. This novella is loaded with great direct quotes, so use some when appropriate?just keep them short. (Your ?References? page will only have one source: this book, and after each quote, remember to put: (Maclean, p.??). Assume you are writing to an audience that has not read this novella. And finally, keep this paper formal?though your personal opinion will shape this paper, leave out phrases like ? I believe? or ?I think.? Use the traditional structure of an introduction, development (3 + paragraphs), and conclusion.

Here is a recap of some of the themes you can use.

Fly fishing
Art vs. competence
Right way vs. wrong way
Religion and beauty vs. the real world
Competition vs. self-expression
How the mind controls the body
Toughness?what it means
Relationship with parents
Inability to help
Understanding others
Will power
Fly fishing snobbery

State the theme that you use and please let me know your name, because I have write another paper on this story (which would be on comparing it to the movie) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Title: Nile River in Egypt

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Essay Instructions: Name: Sean McCormick

Title: A River Runs through It (Egypt)

I. Egypt (Nile)

a. Characteristics of the River
b. Agriculture
c. Technology
d. Beliefs and Values

Assignment Description:

A. Paper
? A detailed, written presentation of your content.
? A length of 3-5 pages, typed, double spaced in a Times font.
? A cover page must include your name, project title, and an abstract.
? The in-text citations must be presented in MLA format.
? The works cited page must be presented in MLA format and include at least 5 academic sources.

B. PowerPoint Presentation
? A visually oriented presentation that could be used to present your content in a lecture setting.
? A minimum length of 5-10 slides.
? Include an introduction slide that provides an overview of your presentation.
? Include a brief explanation of the main points from your essay.
? The in-text citations must be presented in MLA format.
? The works cited page must be presented in MLA format and include at least 5 academic sources. You may use the same sources for your PowerPoint that you use for your essay. The PowerPoint does need to have its own Works Cited slide(s).

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