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Title: David Crockett William Otter James Cook Branum

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Essay Instructions: In 23 sentences or less answer the following 4 questions seperately:

Question 1:
Is William Otter's A History of My Own Times a rags-to-riches sucess story? To what extent does it conform to the themes associated with the Cult of the Self Made Man, and to what extent does it deviate.

Question 2:
In evaluating David Crockett as a politician, do you think he was a democrat or a demagogue? In what way was he or was he not a man of the people? And, how does A Narrative of the Life of David Crocket reflect the new style of politics associated with Jacksonian Democracy?

Question 3:
Given James Cook's account of both the audience and appeal of "artful deception," do you think that Davey Crocket would buy a ticket to see the Feejee Mermaid? Draw on both The Arts of Deception and A Narrative of The Life of David Crockett to explain wheter Crockett would or would not enjoy the exhibit.

Question 4:
How would William Otter respond to Braum's "What Is It?" exhibit? How would he describe it? Would he enjoy the exhibit? Would he demand his money back? Answer should draw on both James Cook's account of the exhibit and evidence from A History of My Own Times.

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