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Title: A Grain of Wheat

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Essay Instructions: Grain of Wheat Essay Questions
INSTRUCTIONS: Choose one question answer completly in an essay format. CITE your work (Author, page #), or footnote/endnote. three to five pages typed double spaced.

1. In some ways Ngugi's novel is a discussion of the contradictions or ambivalence of collaboration versus resistance to colonial rule. Discuss this concept apropos the main characters in the book: Mugo, Mumbi, Gikonyo, Karanja and Kihika. You should also specifically, reference Adu Boahen's article on African resistance to further develop this theme: ambiguities of resistance.

2. How does Ngugi treat or portray Christianity in A Grain of Wheat? Is he overly critical or does he explore some positive aspects of the European religion. What do the specific Biblical reference mean in the context of the story. Give specific examples. Along with this theme, what does the title of the book signify? What is Ngugi trying to say with this title and references to it throughout the book.

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