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Title: A farewell Arms essay Write a 750 1000 word essay demonstrates steps narrative structure exposition rising action climax falling action resolution denouement Include a title page outline You MLA format sources paper analysis

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Essay Instructions: A farewell to Arms (novel essay)

Write a 750 to 1000 word essay which demonstrates how your novel follows the steps of narrative structure (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution/denouement). Include a title page and an outline. You must use MLA format, but you are not to use outside sources for this paper; this is your own analysis.

Need a outline as well
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Title: A Farewell to Arms

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Essay Instructions: A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemmingway...2 page personal response to show my theme "love is indestructible and has the power to transform an individual emotionally, intellectually and spiritually so he/she can gain self acceptance. (Avoid plot summary).Compare yourself to the main character, point out similarities,and differences and your reaction to this character. Why? Compare a character from this novel to another character in another novel. Explain similarities and differences and your response to each character in each novel. Compare an event in your work with a situation in your own life. Similarities? differences? Reasons for differences and your reaction? Express disagreements with a character's actions, values behaviour. What do you see wrong with it? Why? Why is the character acting this way and suggest a better response/behaviour/value. Select the most important episode in the book & explain briefly what happens and your reasons for your reaction. Why is this section important? Select at least three choices carefully and avoid repeating same examples. Give 3 quotations, points and supporting details.
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Title: Martin Eden The Great Gatsby A Farewell to Arms

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Essay Instructions: **Is it possible to have the writer who completed Paper ID 54837 (I do not know their name) complete this assignment?**

*Please answer the following two questions. (1 page per question)

*No references or quotes necessary and do not use any sources other than the novels: Martin Eden by Jack London

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest

1. Martin Eden and Jay Gatsby both die at the end of their rags-to riches stories. Discuss what the death of the main character represents in Martin Eden and The Great Gatsby.

2. Discuss the green light in The Great Gatsby and the rain in A Farewell to Arms as symbols of fertility and death.
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Title: A Farewell to Arms see additional specifications below for details

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Essay Instructions: Here is a list of specifications given by professor: The novel is "A Farewell to Arms", by Ernest Hemingway

1. Topic: Feminist's critical disagreement with the novel, especially with Catherine (this subject can be altered if you let me know prior to changing)

2. Select an element of the novel (plot, characterization, etc.) on which there is clear critical disagreement. Examine the disagreement and determine which critic's view is correct.

3. In formulating your subject, please put it in question form, focusing on the critical disagreement (e.g. Is Heathcliff a hero or a villain in "Wuthering Heights"?) Thesis statement is required in opening paragraph. Opening and closing paragraphs are needed.

3. No encyclopedias may be used and no biographical information is permissible unless it pertains directly to the topic (for example: how incidents in Hemingway's own life are reflected in the events of his novel, A Farewell to Arms)

4. Paraphrasing and quotations are needed but not in excess

5. Bibliography is needed
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1. Barlowe-Kayes, Jamie. "Re-Reading Women: the Example of Catherine Barkley," Seven Decades of Criticism, ed. Linda Wagner-Martin. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, 1998. - Book

2. Bloom, Harold ed., Ernest Hemingway's a Farewell to Arms. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 1987. - Book

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