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Title: book

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Essay Instructions: "A Beautiful Mind" Sylvia Nasar. Research essay (not "report") should be more informal rather than formal.Essay should be an explication/analysis,critical argument paper.Be careful not to simply retell the story through plot summary.In any case, your research essay should be a paper in which you clearly put down what you think about texts or issues you've chosen to write about and why/how you have come to think of it as you have, considering the sources you have garnered to give credence to your argument.You should follow MLA citation form for citing sources in your bibliography.First reference to a source should be done w/superscript numeric note, and then subsequent references can be done informally in the body of your essay. Thanks!

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Title: A Beautiful Mind a film

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This essay should have 5 paragraphs (1 introductory with thesis statement, 3 body, and 1 conclusion).

Consider how the pursuit of self-fulfillment has been reflected and developed in the film: A Beautiful Mind. Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator(s) in the film about an individual?s attempt to secure the satisfaction of self-fulfillment.

In your planning and writing, consider the following instructions:
? Carefully consider your controlling idea or how you will create a strong unifying effect in your response.
? As you develop your ideas, support them with appropriate, relevant and meaningful examples from the film.

1. THINK! There will be a tendency to read the topic and to start writing. Please do not do this. Read the topic over several times and think about what the topic is asking you to do.
2. RE-WRITE THE TOPIC IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Jot down some words and/or phrases about what the topic means. For example, what are some other ways of looking at the key term: self fulfillment? What does it mean? Answers might include ?the pursuit of self interests? or ?the pursuit of happiness.?
3. DEVELOP YOUR CONTROLLING IDEA AND WRITE IT DOWN. In answering the question, there are a number of controlling ideas that could come out of the film ?A Beautiful Mind? around this topic. Some of these are:
? we need the help of other people if we are going to be successful in the pursuit of self-fulfillment;
? we may often come up against unforeseen obstacles in our pursuit of self-fulfillment;
? we may find unexpected sources of support, guidance and assistance in our pursuit of self-fulfillment; and
? we may think that the pursuit of self-fulfillment should take us in one direction, only to find out in our pursuit that there are new and better things in store for us. Thus, we may abandon our original goals in favor of new discoveries that we think will be better for us
There are many more possible controlling ideas, but this will give you some idea of a few.
Once you have chosen your controlling idea, choose those parts of the film that BEST support the idea you are trying to get across to your reader. You will be marked heavily on the quality of your supporting evidence, so it is important that you don?t just choose ANY examples from the film that support your controlling idea ? it is important that you choose the BEST examples.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A CRITICAL/ANALYTICAL RESPONSE ESSAY! I have attched a marking guide to help you when writing the essay. You can refer to this.
CRITICAL means to evaluate, to judge. It does not necessarily mean to criticize.
ANALYTICAL means to study something carefully and to examine the parts and pieces that make up the whole of the thing.

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Title: Movie Critque on A Beautiful Mind

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Essay Instructions: Attn: Writer
Here are the professor instruction:

You will need to watch the movie "A Beautiful Mind" and discuss your analysis of how the character deals with a mental health disorder. You will need to support your analysis with literature either from our textbook or other sources. This will be a 2-3 page, typed paper, free of spelling & grammatical errors. You should follow the outline below:

I. Introduction: this should include a statement about character and the identified mental health disorder as depicted in the film. Include an explanation of the diagnosis & symptoms. Also discuss how this effected his life.

II. Analysis: here you should discuss how the character copes with the symptoms of the disorder & any treatments sought by the medical profession.

III. Recommendations: here you should include how you would treat the character of the film, if he came to you for help. What type of clinical services would provide or refer him to.

IV. Summary: this should include any closing suggestions or evaluation methods for the services you made in the recommendations section.

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Title: movie A Beautiful Mind

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Essay Instructions: Film Study paper:write a insightful essay on the psychopathology depicted therein. The following must be included in the essay: Brief summary of plot & characters (just main charaters), identification of characters with diagnosable mental illness and description of the illness, as well as all observable symptoms, presentation of etiology of mental illness as provided by movie or speculation as to possible etiology, suggestions as to what treatment might be appropriate for the character(s), critique of the movie in terms of accuracy of depiction of mental illness, believability of plot and characters, and any ehtical issues involved in treatment. I am looking for abstraction in this paper. The movie to analyze is: A beautiful Mind.

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