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Title: women's role

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Essay Instructions: Please write me a contrast (differences) essay of two stories "A Secret Sorrow" (by Karen Van Der Zee) and " A Sorrowful Woman" (by GAIL GODWIN).

You can find these stories in the Bedford Introduction to Literature Six edition by Michael Meyer.

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Title: A Comparison of Two Stories

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Essay Instructions: Please write me a comparison essay of two stories "The Story of an Hour" (by KATE CHOPIN) and " A Sorrowful Woman" (by GAIL GODWIN).

You can find these stories in the Bedford Introduction to Literature Six edition by Michael Meyer.

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Title: A Sorrowful Woman

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Essay Instructions: I want my theme of this paper to go alone the lines of: A woman's fairytale is not always to become a wife and mother. And if you can talk about how the setting of the house in this story is showing she's trapped inside the home... below are the essay instructions, thank you!

For this paper assignment, you will be asked to write an essay that analyzes Gail Godwin's use of literary elements to develop her theme in "A Sorrowful Woman."

As you consider how you are going to approach this assignment or as you think about your thesis for this essay, first ask what the major themes of the stories are. Once you have come up with your answers, begin analyzing or “taking apart” the story to uncover how the author develops his/her theme. As you write your essay, make sure that you have 1) identified the theme, 2) identified some literary elements (i.e. setting, plot, characters) that the author uses to develop her theme, and 3) interpreted the significance of the theme.

As I grade your essays, I will pay close attention to how you identify the key elements of the theme. Be sure that as you identify these key elements, you include examples from the text. Here are some suggestions/questions that can help you identify the development of the theme: Pay close attention to the language used by the characters. How does this use of language help set the tone of the story? How does the tone of the story contribute to the overall message of the story? How do the characters develop over the course of the story? How does the setting or the tone contribute to the overall theme of the story? What kind of commentary on society is the writer making with this story?

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Title: Eng 122 Introduction to Litera

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Essay Instructions: Week Four - posted by Danna Plewe (ENG122_DL01_2002SP1)
- --"A&P" 606-610

John Updike is one of the rare writers who is able to take the small moments in life and demonstrate how they represent something more. In this work, he takes us into the A&P, a small supermarket, on a hot summer afternoon. Nothing that happens in the store is overly exciting. Nothing that happens is unique. Nothing is necessarily special. It is precisely because it is so ordinary that it means so much.

Now, I know many of you men are sitting back right now saying ?I wouldn?t/haven?t quit my job for any woman.? And you?re probably in the majority, but think beyond the actual event to the feelings that provoke the grand gesture and this is where the gender lines become obscured, why Updike has found popularity with both men and women. Have any of you (no, this isn?t true confessions time) ever done something less-than-smart because of overwhelming feelings of lust/adoration/infatuation? Think back to junior high and high school, when you really first became aware of the opposite sex in a serious way. At this same time that you were adjusting to this, you were learning to be an ?adult.? After all, isn?t high school the adult proving grounds?

This is where we find Sammy, our protagonist or the main character of the story,caught between wanting to be a man in the sexual sense and wanting to be a man in the adult sense (knight in shining honor). What is ironic is that no one notices his gallant gesture and he?s now out of a job.

?A&P? is told from a first-person perspective; the narrator or person speaking is the central figure of the work as well. First person can be identified by the ?I? position of the speaker. How does this allow you to get to know the character of Sammy more intimately? What kind of person is he? Additionally, who or what is the antagonist in the work? An antagonist is something or someone set in opposition to the protagonist. The conflict is the usually the result of this opposition and is the source of the action that propels the work along.

Many people write this off as a ?typical male? story, looking at the various male figures as different stages of growing up male. You have the young man who wants and acts, either on principal or lust, the young adult who wishes, but holds back, and the older man who disapproves but?. what do you think? Is this a story about male behavior or human behavior? Additionally, what kind of representation do the girls get in this work? How are they portrayed? How does this impact the end and Sammy?s actions? What does he gain from quitting?

TERMS: Protagonist, antagonist, character, conflict

--"Lust" 304-311

290 This a very strong piece, somewhat graphic at times, but very much applicable to today?s world. Before reading, you might consider what you think of when the word ?lust? is mentioned. What does this word mean to you? Who is the work addressed to? What point-of-view or person do you see being used? What is the conflict or problem as you see it? Why? What do you think about the reader both socially and morally?

"Girl" 584

- "In this story two voices engage in what is actually a dialogue. The majority of the lines are instructions from the mother to the daughter about proper behavior. Whether the mother is training her daughter to carry out the traditional duties of women on various days of the week, explaining cooking tips, or warning her about growing up to be a "loose" woman, her advice can be taken in two ways. In one view, she is a typically scholing mother, who must nag her daughter in order to communicate with her. In another view, the entire speech is a harangue designed to entertain the reader. This double level of interpretation applies to the daughter's italicized responses as well. In one view, she can only internalize her resonses because her mother gives her no opportunity to response. In the other, more humorous interpretation, the daughter acts as the "straight man," responding with lines designed to set up the punch line, the ending line, of her mother's joke" (Meyer 107).

"Girl" is written in a stream of consciousness style of writing that is used to imitate thought; notice the very loose sentence structure and punctuation. Think about the way you think--for most, it doesn't include complete sentences and clear, crisp organization. Usually, it's a little of everything all thrown together.

Journal Three - posted by Danna Plewe (ENG122_DL01_2002SP1)
- Answer the following in essay form. 500+ words.

How would "Lust" relate to some of the other's we've read--for instance, How are the expectations for the girl and Sammy similiar/different? How do the ideas here relate to "A Sorrowful Woman"?

A&P by John Updike
Lust by Susan Minot
Girl by Jamaica Kincaid
A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin

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