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Title: Patriot Act and 911 Commission Exclusionary Rule and Miranda v Arizona

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Essay Instructions: The following three questions are essay. Answer as completely as possible. text or library/internet resources, Typed, double spaced. Students must answer all questions minimum 3 pages per answer. Be sure to give citations/references (20% test score), ask questions (20% test score); offer reflections (20% test score), and develop your answers in-depth (20% test score)!

1) In class we discussed police and their zeal to enforce the law. How does the Patriot Act I not prevent this process? How does the Patriot ACT II take potential law enforcement corruption even further? The Commission on 911 offered several solutions to the problem of Patriot Act related corruption, yet the Bush Administration has not followed their lead on solving Patriot Act problems. Discuss in-depth the 911 Commission and their suggested ?Over Sight Board? attempting to limit corruption issues.

2) The ability to regulate police behavior to prevent coercion, brutality and misuse of their significant resources in their adversarial relationship with citizens, is judicially enacted through the ?Warren Court? with police limitations arrived at through Court interpretations (Mapp v. Ohio, Miranda v. Arizona, U.S. v. Leon, etc.). In addition the U.S. Constitution also offered citizen protections. Outline the protections offered the pulic by ?The Exclusionary Rule? and how has it helped citizens dealing with law enforcement?

3) In what significant ways has the Miranda v. Arizona decision been eroded? What is its long term outlook, given the shifting composition of judges on the Supreme Court?

I would like each question to be a three page essay using three sources for each question. I would like these essays to be written at sophomore undergraduate level. Nothing too fancy just good quality work. The teacher likes us to use higher level thinking and ask questions that lead to tangents on the subject. Also he likes us to put our input into the paper. I will fax you a sample of the format the essay should be in. Also APA format. And the teacher is somewhat liberal I dont know if that helps but I thought that I would add that in. It doesnt matter where the sources are from just as long as they are crediable and there are three sources for each essay question.

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