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Essay Instructions: 8th grade level outline for a research paper

topic: which type of salt will increase the boiling point of water the most, table, epsom or sea salt

types of salt, differences between the salt, table contains iodine so it will increase the most.

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Title: 8th grade level paper salt Uses salt 1 Food A Flavoring B Preserving 2 Roads 3 Chemicals 1 Sodium 2 Chlorine

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Essay Instructions: 8th grade level paper on uses of salt

Uses of salt
1.. Food
A. Flavoring
B. Preserving
2. Roads
3. Chemicals
1. Sodium
2. Chlorine

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Essay Instructions: Part A: Introduce yourself, your context (which may include but is not limited to information about your school, district, classroom, students, content, and curriculum) and describe the process of deep reflection on classroom practice you used to define your passion and topic of study. This background information will provide relevant information to the readers of your plan. Important Note: This is not an autobiography, but an explanation of your current role, a description of the students involved, and why the topic you chose is important to you.

Remember: Choose a passion for your Research Plan that you can later implement with students in Major Assessment: Problem-Based Research. 1 page

Part B: Write a literature review related to your topic of study that includes critical analysis from at least three but no more than five cited references. Helpful resources for writing a literature review are included in the Learning Resources. Be mindful of the following questions in developing a quality literature review:
? What research did you review to investigate your passion or wondering?
? Did you use reputable sources such as peer-reviewed journals and editor-published references?
? Were your resources current (less than five years)?
? Did you follow the advice and recommendations given in the Literature Review resources?
Remember: You are required to use at least three but no more than five primary resources. 3 pages

Part C: In this week?s Resources you learned that defining your wondering can be the most difficult, yet rewarding, aspect of your teacher inquiry process. It is driven by your professional teaching experience combined with real-world dilemmas. In this part of the paper, state your initial and revised wondering question and how your colleagues? feedback and/or the literature review led you to the revised version. Also, include any subquestions that you may have added to increase the depth of your wondering.

To help guide you in selecting and writing wondering questions, refer to this helpful tool located in this week?s Learning Resources:
1. 50 Examples of Wonderings
I teach 8th grade science

Making a Plan
Now that you have refined your wondering question, you will need to develop or design an ?action? to implement in your classroom. Describe a strategy, intervention, or some other action that you might implement to address the problem you identified in your wondering. Explain the change(s) you plan to make in your teaching, your classroom, or your outreach to improve learning. 1 page

Submit Parts A, B, and C in Week 3. Remember to write in APA format and include a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page. You will submit this assignment (including Parts A, B, and C) for a grade.

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Title: waterfall

Total Pages: 2 Words: 541 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Essay must be informative on the subject of an 8th grade science project on a waterfall in a mountain setting, double spaced, minimum of 300 words, separate title page.

Gavin Kitchens
Mrs. Martin-8th Grade Science

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