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Title: Term Paper

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2427 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The paper should include the cover sheet with name, class, date, course and section number. Use suitable fonts no smaller than 12-point (except perhaps for footnotes, references, etc.). Use at least one-inch margins all around. Note: all graphics and charts, if any, should be incorporated (inserted) directly into the paper (on a Word page) seamlessly, not attached separately in a different format or embedded in a program icon. The paper and all charts should form a single, continuous Word document (and print out as such). All of the work must be original (will be verified via Turn It In), show how numerical solutions were calculated, if any, and cite references for quoted or paraphrased material. Please make the paper sufficiently interesting.

Select TWO potentially disruptive (or transformational) technologies (Specific examples: Cloud,3D printing, renewable energy, advanced robotics, mobile internet , autonomous vehicles, automation of knowledge work) both involving shifting technological or scientific paradigms, where one technology was transformed by the proper management of the technology into a successful product or products while the other failed as a commercial product. Try to be imaginative with the selection. Discuss why the technologies are potentially disruptive or transformational (to a company, industry, or society). For the two selected technologies, compare and contrast the successful technology management process with the unsuccessful one in terms of technology management best practices (i.e., the tools and techniques of technology management). What are the key issues and lessons learned from the selected cases? (The two technology cases, one success and one failure, may be from a single organization or two organizations).

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