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Title: The Struggle For the 19th Amendment

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The main topic of this summary is "The Struggle for the 19th Amendment".
Explore the issues in chapter 5, please use "specific examples from the readings" to demonstrate the issues on which you focus. Keep in mind that women is our central focus.

Questions to answer in the summary are:
What women play central roles in these issues? How?
What are the goals of the women who struggle with these issues?
What are the outcomes of these struggles?

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Title: The 19th amendment to the constitution

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Essay Instructions: Write a 2-page essay that discusses the 19th Amendment to the Constitution…and how this amendment relates to women’s suffrage. Discuss the amendment’s controversy, how it came to be, why it took until 1920 to be adopted, and its result.

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Essay Instructions: Timeline of Gendered Movements
If there is one important lesson you can learn as social scientists it is this: historical events never appear in isolation, but instead, are connected to previous events. In this assignment, you are going to construct a timeline in which you show how different events of the women's movement are interconnected.
For example, could you imagine the federal approval of the pill in 1960 without the previous ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920? To what extent did the 19th century writings of Susan B Anthony influence the 1960s work of Betty Friedan or Gloria Steinem? Did women's decade-long involvement in the abolitionist movement influence other causes that women fought for after slavery was abolished? The questions you can ask are endless!
This assignment comes in two parts.
Part 1: Create a timeline that covers at least four major events of the women's movement. These do not necessarily have to be from the 1960s, and they can be within a relatively short timeframe (spanning just a few years), or a very long time frame (spanning a couple of centuries). It is entirely up to you! You can find templates for timelines online, or you create your own timeline in Word (Click on Insert, choose Illustrations, SmartArt for templates).
Part 2: Write a brief, 300-500 word commentary that explains how each of these four events that you have mentioned in your timeline is interrelated. In this commentary, you may write about how one event led into the next, and so on, or you may write about how one very significant event led to the other three. The way that you describe the interrelatedness of these events is up to you, but you must demonstrate that you understand how interconnected they are.

I hope the information I uploaded helps here the Reference:
Farber, D. ( (1994). America in the 1960s. In D. Farber, The Age of Great Dreams: . Hill and Wang.

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Title: The Suffrage Question

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Essay Instructions: What were some of the arguments for women's suffrage?
What were some of the counter arguments presented by anti-suffragists?
What factors created enough support for ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution?
What were some of the racial issues surrounding the fight for suffrage, as discussed in Terborg-Penn's article?
Do you think that women would have gained the right to vote when they did if Catherine Chapman Catt had supported the Women's Peace Party? Why or why not?

1) Chapter #7 in Women and the American Experience (ISBN 0072418214)
2) Chapter #8 in Women and Power Volume #2 (ISBN 0130415812)
3) Chapter #16 in Early American Women: A Documentary History (ISBN 0072418222)

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