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Woody's Veneer Factory:

Report on Current Problem:

Woody's Veneer Factory is currently facing its lowest point in veneer production accompanied with loss of money, production loss, rise in garbage fees, and increases in the cost of recycled material disposal. The factory has various troubling occurrences including lack of communication and in-fighting between the floor managers and the quality control officer. Secondly, the management has set up spies to find floor workers who are grinding up some veneer in order to stop the act. However, these employees have also set up their own spies to alert them when the managers sneak up in attempts to find them. There is an urgent need to improve the factory's working conditions, lessen garbage fees, and increase the production and productivity of the factory.

Recommendations for Improvement:

An effective plan for improving the working conditions and success of Woody's Veneer Factory would include:

Project Management Approach:

The accomplishments of tasks within organizations usually involve a project management approach, which brings together various work teams within a short period of time ("Organizational Change and Development," n.d.).
With conflicting perspectives and difficulties in communication, the project management approach would be vital for the company since it's an effective model of organizational development. As a good model, it would include recognition of the need for change in working conditions, diagnosis of the causes of the problem, and development of change alternatives. These steps are then followed by the implementation, evaluation, and reinforcement of change as well as any other necessary change action and response from the work teams.

The company's manager should be instrumental in recognizing the need for change rather than the in-fighting, diagnose the problems in the work environment, and develop some change alternatives. To identify the problems….....

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