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What method of evangelism did you use and how did you start the conversation? What method did you use? Why did you choose to use that method? How did you start the conversation?

The friendship method of evangelism comes naturally, as it can be integrated with daily life in ways that other methods cannot. Using the friendship method also allows me to get to know the other person: what makes them "tick." Knowing this, I can approach spiritual matters in a way that is meaningful to them. In this case, I did approach someone who I have known for a long time but who is Jewish. I also knew that this person was not very religious. I started the conversation by stating, "Do you have a minute? I need to talk. I want to share something with you."

Friendship evangelism can also be a powerful way of helping to bring another human being to Christ. Rather than planting a seed, a friend can actually nurture that seed and watch it grow. I planted the seed of Christ with my friend by sharing my story: plain and simple. I did not say, "You should do as I did." I only said that finding Christ had a huge and positive impact on my life.

Part of friendship evangelism is embodying the Christian life.
I believe truly that the joy within my soul will shine forth and illuminate my conversations. When I embrace spiritual matters with others, God will shine in every word. I become the vessel for Christ's will. With a friend, I can bring up the subject in different ways and in different times. Moreover, I can invite my friend to attend Christian events so that he can meet others who will share the gospel in their own way. This will expose him to different methods of seeing and coming to God.

PART TWO: What was the reaction (questions/comments/statements) of the unbeliever? For example, was he/she hostile, penitent, curious, confused, etc. Explain, offer examples, paraphrased quotes, etc.

Considering it was the first time that I brought up the subject of my spiritual life with this particular friend, he reacted well. I did not know what to expect. He seemed genuinely curious when I told him about all the amazing changes that have occurred….....

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