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Churchill was a man of strong beliefs and principles, and he did not use the law to further his own career. Rather, he used it to make England as strong as it could be in order to win the war in Europe.

Churchill studied everything, and made the choices he did solely based on winning the war, at any cost. He was an excellent soldier, and understood war tactics. He also understood the threat of Fascism and its affect on Europe and the world. He feared socialism and totalitarianism more than just about anything else, and most of his choices were made to keep England free and viable before and after the war. He based his decisions on his own military understanding and his total distrust of Fascism and totalitarianism. He came up with some military strategies that could have been questionable, such as bombing Germany and dropping leaflets blaming the bombs on retaliation, but for the most part, his decisions were legal, just, and supported by the war effort.
Churchill's charisma was legendary. His speeches were stirring and his words brought out the patriot in just about everyone who heard them. If he created questionable policies that touched on borderline illegality, he used his great oratory skills to justify them. Throughout his speeches, his patriotism and total dedication to English victory endeared him to the people. He understood the power of words and used them incredibly effectively. The author notes, "Powerful prose affects not only the reader or listener but the prose writer as well. The power of Churchill's prose reaches across the years" (Keegan 190). Churchill's charisma lay in his prose, rather than in his charm or appeal. He was often difficult, but he stood up for what he believed in. He believed in England and her ability to fight Hitler, and he backed up this belief with his charismatic speeches that gave Great Britain the strength to win the war.


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