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Curriculum must provide principals special powers to organize the events overstepping conventions. (Burke, 1970)

There could be widespread programs that could be conducted by NGOs. The NGO or the Non-governmental organization is ideal and charitable enough for providing seminars group therapy counseling and sex education outside the school hours or in special meetings. One to one counseling for children is also possible. Such activity will also bring about not only education but facts of child abuse, wrong company and abuse by children of drugs and other evil practices.

Benefits of the Programs

The sex education program will in the light of what it has achieved in the western countries partly succeed in removing premarital unprotected sex and make the youth aware of the consequences of the actions. More importantly it could remove the spreading of AIDS and other diseases. (Burke, 1970) Since group activities tend to end in criminal actions, the knowledge of sex and the danger of drug abuse and other dangers being told to students and counseling in schools will make them eschew these evils.

Possible Dangers

The dangers associated with the education stems from curiosity and an urge to try out what is learned and if the counselor or teacher is not trained properly instead of helping the student understand the matter in a proper light it will be the opposite and may end up with wayward experiments from the students. (Klein, 1992) Secondly, the method of teaching if not done properly, gives a sense of irresponsibility and an attitude of licentiousness. Therefore the education program has to be sound, considered and well tailored to suit all the divergent population of Hong Kong. (Chant; McIlwaine, 1998)

Evaluation and Conclusion

Hong Kong has to bring about the sex education because of the concern of the spread of diseases.
The education will curb unprotected sex; provide more information on HIV / AIDS among adolescents. There are risks and dangers associated if the teacher is not trained and qualified to teach it. To avoid psychological pressure it is important to give training to teachers in teaching mixed groups about sex. We observe that girls are in greater need of sex education. The government must make use of para-medicals, and NGOs and use the good will in social causes like sex education and directing the youth to lead better lives. The sex education program will in future help in removing or controlling premarital unprotected sex and make the youth aware of the consequences of the actions.


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