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Many of the other characters of the legend, such as Guinevere and Merlin are present in this film, as is the Sword in the Stone legend of Excalibur, Arthur's weapon (it was his father who removed it from the stone.

Ultimately, Arthur denounces his Roman citizenship when he is disillusioned by the Roman leaders and their activities, especially Bishop Germanius, and he joins the Woads to fight the Saxon Army that is attempting to gain control of Britain. In the end, many of his knights are killed in a ferocious battle, including Lancelot, and when the battle is over; Arthur has won and is declared king, with Guinevere by his side.

This film is so different from the traditional Arthur legend that is seems quite unlikely, but legends are often wrong, and so, the film could actually be based on historical fact, since new evidence comes out all the time through archeology and discovery. The Romans did take Britain and fight the Saxons during the time portrayed, and they did eventually withdraw from the area, leaving it to the Celts and Saxons.
The accuracy of the costumes and weaponry, like the other film, seems to be accurate, and many of the scenes of violence seem to be accurate. There were two things that did not seem to fit, however, and one of them is Guinevere fighting alongside the men, because women would not be on the battlefield, and they called themselves knights, but that concept did not come around until the Middle Ages. I am not sure if I would recommend this film, because it is so different from the Arthurian legends, and I think I like to believe they are true, and this rendition is just a fictional look at what might have been. Of course, no film is going to be completely accurate, they have to change things to keep the audience entertained, but this film just left me wondering why they had to mess with the legend.


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