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This is when these ideas will have a major impact upon an educational environment. ("Intrinsic Motivation," 2004) (Moore, 1991)

Having some kind of incentives, is when you are offering colleagues a reason to want to change. This is because most teachers will often believe that they have the experience and skills necessary to reach out to their students. However, the problem is that many individuals will often become set in their ways and will not change. This is when they could have difficulty in reaching out to the class. Once this takes place, it means that there will be a decrease in achievement scores. To deal with these kinds of issues, you must have some kind strategy of offering everyone a reason to change. Where, they will see: the value that it is providing to them over the long-term and the pain associated with continuing to embrace the status quo. ("Intrinsic Motivation," 2004) (Moore, 1991)

If this kind of approach can be taken, it will ensure that everyone is listening to each other with an open mind. This is when each person will begin practicing these ideas and contributing to the working discussion.
During this process, is when we can be able to use new techniques and ideas to reach out to students. This will have a positive impact on the educational environment, with everyone willing to do more to ensure that they are successful. These different elements are important, because based upon my experience most educators will often fall into a sense of complacency. To deal with these challenges, you must become a leader that is using these tools to reach out to all of the staff members. This is when you will have a positive impact on your colleagues and students. ("Intrinsic Motivation," 2004) (Moore, 1991)


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