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Several assessment tools are available, often using data collection sheets that include items such as direct observation and interviews with adults who closely interact with the student. In Justin's case, this group could include Carrie, the paraprofessional who works directly with Justin, in addition to the special education teacher, the speech and language specialist, other teachers who regularly interact with Justin (e.g., art, physical education, music and media), and Justin's parents.

Justin's tantrums are a cause of concern for their negative effects not just on Justin but on the classroom as a whole. An FBA can be done on Justin; managing these outbursts is the main goal for the kindergarten year so that more learning can take place. It is important that the target behavior descriptions are as specific as possible. For example, "has outbursts" does not provide as much information as "screams, cries, kicks and throws items when upset." An observation of this type should include information on the intensity or duration of the tantrum. It is also important to include a description of the antecedents to the tantrum, e.g., the activity in which Justin was engaged, the time of day, and other children/adults involved. In a study reported by Blair, Umbreit, Dunlap, and Gilsoon (2007, p. 137), an autistic boy with behaviors similar to Justin's was better able to participate in whole class activities after an FBA, which highlighted the boy's strengths and challenges. When his outbursts could be anticipated and managed, there was less disruption in the classroom and the other children were more willing to let the boy participate in work and play groups. The success of the social interactions led to further successes; it is hoped that Justin's case will parallel this study.
Although Mrs. M., the classroom teacher, will endeavor to be as objective as possible in recording her observations, she is human and the input of others should be sought. The special education teacher should also do an FBA and ideally the principal and the district's director of special educator could do an FBA as well. This would provide data from several sources and create a more complete and objective picture of Justin and his needs. Results of the FBA can be used in developing Justin's I.E.P. For first grade, which will be a big transition year for him.


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