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The second activity that is given most priority is marketing. The company accepts that marketing is required to boost sales as well as increase brand recognition and maintain brand awareness Pham-Gia, 2009()

In terms of attention to details, Starbucks pays huge attention to detail to make sure no relevant details are left behind when making an important decision. In terms of innovation, the company has a high degree of innovation. This can be seen in the My Starbucks Ideas website which is used to collect feedback and innovative ideas from their customers which helps them achieve new innovations.

Starbucks has a high degree of stability and the company values its stability. The company always makes sure to keep healthy cash reserves for harder economic times. Starbucks as a company is highly aggressive in addressing issues concerning the company.


Starbucks falls in the category of the academy culture. This is because the employees of the organization are highly skilled and they are satisfied with their jobs and always want to stay and work for Starbucks since they feel Starbucks is a family and not just a team or workplace.
Employees are rewarded by their performance and this makes them to always work hard to keep the company values.

The employees respect the chain of command and authority is always upheld. This helps the company to align themselves people for efficiency in decision making. The management of the company pays attention to both the people working for the organization and the activities of the organization. They realize that a mix of the two is required to ensure the company achieves the best performance and the highest productivity achievable.


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