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Visual Communication

please assign this order to: hisdudeness contact directly confusion order requirements . Final Project The purpose project provide opportunity student demonstrate understanding ability apply content developing producing a visual project reflects effective visual communication.




In order to be able to pass a message across using visual communication or visual aids, there are several aspects of the communication that must be taken into consideration for the visual aid to be effective and to pass the message across in a manner which is comprehensible and catches the eye of the viewer Mary Beth Watson, Narasimhan, & Rhee, 1998.

These can be summarised as the 7Cs of effective communication Hinds & Kiesler, 1995.

Each approach used in the visual communication is important in passing the message across. They help in making the visual aid catchy and passing the message across with ease. When designing a piece of communication, there are these several approaches of communication that can to be incorporated into the visual aid to pass the message across. Each of these approaches has its own pros and cons and the type of approach that is chosen depends largely on the message being passed and the intended audience.

The 7Cs of communication


The first C. is completeness. Here, it is important that the visual communication provides all information that is needed by the audience. The sender of the message must place themselves in the shoes of their intended audience in order to design the communication to fit into the mindset of the receiver and thus convey the message accordingly. A complete message should not leave any questions unanswered in the mind of the recipient of the message.
It also helps the sender of the message to reduce costs since they will not need to spend more to clarify the message. Completeness of the message also helps to persuade the audience into the cue to action contained in the piece of communication Kaul, 2004()

Looking at the three approaches above, all of them are complete since they all give the necessary information to the receiver.


The communication should convey the message using the least possible words or symbols, signs or any other approach used. Conciseness saves time and costs for the send and the receiver too since they spend less time passing the message across and reading and interpreting the message. It also helps to make the message catchy for the reader Das, 2002()

Looking at the three approaches used above, all the messages are concise and the message comes across using the least possible words or symbols.


Consideration is simply about the sender putting themselves in the shoes of the intended audience. he/she should show his/her intended audience that there is a benefit attached to following the message that is being passed on. This will stimulate a reaction that is positive in nature from their audience who will take the relevant action(s).

In the three approaches above, the use of the cartoon shows consideration since it stimulates the parents to teach their children about using condoms. It also shows that using a condom prevents acquiring HIV / AIDS. The second approach which is the….....

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