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The effect of violence in video games

There is presently much controversy regarding video games and the effect that they have on people, given that numerous parents have reported that their children started putting across violent behavior as a result of playing certain video games. Considering that both demand and offer of video games involving exaggerated violence are constantly increasing, it is only natural for parents and video game designers to consider the effects that such games can have on vulnerable individuals. With technology having experienced a rapid advance during the recent years, simulated violence in video games has reached new levels and gamers come to identify with the characters that they play, making it even more difficult for them to distinguish between reality and the virtual world. All things considered, the general public fails to understand that video game designers are actually fueled by society's needs. Video games promoting violent behavior should be accompanied by complex instructions and advices so as for players to realize that it would be immoral for them to replicate the behavior they see in these respective video games.

In spite of the fact that those who are against violence in video games are certain that they have a negative effect on society, it is particularly difficult to explain what exactly is wrong with them. Experts were relatively unable to determine the degree to which video games are likely to have gamers behave more violently.
As a result of this, video game designers encountered little to no resistance in commercializing their products, as it was virtually impossible for someone to come up with significant evidence that can be used to limit violence in video games.

Videogames are generally played by children, as they dedicate most of the time they spend on their computers to playing diverse games. "Among 8, 9, and 10-year-olds, the #1 activity was playing video games, with 88% of students participating in this activity" (Waddington, 2007). In order to understand the wrongness associated with playing violent video games, one needs to focus on the philosophical aspect of the matter. It seems normal for people's awareness to be reduced as a result of them spending most of their time playing video games. Furthermore, when these respective games contain a lot of violence, people are gradually desensitized and eventually become less able to the seriousness associated with the concept of violence (Waddington, 2007).

The level of violence in some games has become much too intense, considering that technology made games more realistic and people less responsive to the goriness that they saw in the games that they played. The fact that graphics have….....

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