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Though the violet dies as a result of her aspirations, she does not regret them. Instead, she cherishes the idea that she has been able to overcome her natural limitations. This poem is especially meaningful when viewed in the context of race relations. Even in modern times, many people feel as if they are limited because of being born a member of certain races. However, Gabrin's point is that one determines one's own limitations. Obviously, no one is going to be magically transformed into another color, but if people had not aspired to achieve those things that were previously considered impossible for minorities, the United States would still be operated under a Jim Crow system of laws.

Of course, victimization occurs on a personal level, as well as systemically. The crime of rape is perhaps one of the most significant ways for one person to victimize another. However, as made clear by rape survivor Bridget Kelly, each individual has the power to choose to become a survivor rather than a victim. The key difference between victims and survivors appears to be whether or not one feels shame about having been victimized.
In fact, from her first conversation in the hospital, Kelly made it clear that she did not mind if she was identified as a rape victim, by writing, "It's OK if they say rape." (Smith). She immediately refused to feel shame because of what someone else chose to do to her, which marked her intention to be a survivor rather than a victim. Of course, many people who are victimized have to work towards becoming a survivor, but those who refuse to work towards it are the ones who consent to remain victims.

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