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valuable model in any a, matter of fact I consider them very constricting. This is because one's mind is restrained towards having an essay that has an introduction, a thesis which normally has three points supporting it and a conclusion. This is quite restraining since one has to strictly follow the format of the five paragraph essays. Students are also not supposed to use the pronoun I in this type of essays reason being that one is supposed to make arguments based on the support they have and the support they bring forward should have a point.

Therefore, if one uses I then the essay will sound as if they are the ones who are saying these things which should not be the five paragraph essays one should not include their personal opinions since they do not is required that these essays speak for themselves .One is also restrained from using the word you since it is considered to be too informal.
From all these examples we clearly see that five paragraph essays restrain the students in their writing. Essays are supposed to be a platform where the students can express themselves through writing. This is usually not achieved through five paragraph essays since a student is not supposed to express themselves fully as their opinions are not supposed to be reflected in the essays.

Lynch makes his case for an alternative format. This is writing essays freely without any constrains given to the students. This format encourages the students to write something whereby the express themselves fully on whatever they are writing. They are supposed to put down in writing their thoughts and this format the use of I is not restricted as it is useful….....

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