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valuable assets as they help a person stand out and give him his most basic identity. For this reason, I feel that parents must pay attention to the name they choose for their babies because the child has to live with it for the rest of his life and it better be something they can be happy about.

My name is Jason Alexander and there is certainly a good story behind it. My parents were told during ultrasound that they were having a girl and so they chose the name Alexa for me. But when I turned out to be a boy, they found themselves without a name. They were shocked to say the least and when they recovered, they realized they had not even thought of a boy name. I almost left the hospital without a name, had it not been for a television show where the lead character was called Jason. My dad liked the name and so they named me Jason and my middle name is a reminder of the baby girl they never had. Alexander is a boy version of the name Alexa that they had originally chosen for their baby.

I like my first name as well as my middle name and there are important reasons for that.
I like Jason because it's easier to pronounce. Almost everyone I have ever met has been able to pronounce my name without thinking twice even some foreigners. Now why is that important? I heard somewhere that parents must always choose an easy name for their children so they can introduce them easily, become more social and are able to make more friends since other children won't have a problem saying their name. I found this to be very true because I always found it easy to make friends and others were usually able to remember my name. Since it's such an easy name, I have never been given a nickname. My parents,….....

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