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Urbanization is changing the way people live and work in America. With higher population density, residents are creating economies of scale that allow greater access to goods from around the world at competitive prices. All the cities of the Eastern United States are linked via trade routes to the Old World and beyond, introducing items ranging from spices and food to luxury goods. The American trade industry is booming so much so that this nation's raw materials are in demand all over the world. New immigrants to American cities can participate in the exiting endeavors of world trade, working on docks loading and unloading cargo or helping ship raw materials from mines and factories to the ships that will take them overseas.

The American housing industry needs laborers to build and help move large tracts of lumber across many miles of land. Similarly, giant steel companies are hiring as many laborers as possible to work the mills and transport steel beams across miles and miles of tricky terrain. Americans work hard and often in trying conditions, but all citizens experience the rewards of living in a land filled with freedom and opportunity. The nation is being built by hand, by the toughest, most reliable, and strongest hands in the world. Immigrants from all over the globe: from China, Ireland, Italy, and Poland are welcome here to participate and to prosper. Ethnic communities help new immigrants transition to their new surroundings while still being able to enjoy some of the comforts of home such as houses of worship and food items.
American schools will help the children of immigrants learn English and become the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, and educators.

The American government has made it easy for new immigrants to adapt to their surroundings by offering inexpensive land, while American businesses are soliciting workers actively. More jobs exist than America can fill, which is why new immigration is needed to stimulate the economy and foster growth. New residents can look forward to agreeable places to live in a country bustling with economic enterprise. Americans know few limits. The nation was founded by groups of settlers with high hopes and ambitions. The age of industry and urbanization reflects the fruits of our ancestors' labor. Great stretches of uninhabited land call out for development. Cities are growing like moss, bringing Americans closer together and closer to the world. Unlike many nations in the world, the United States is founded on the principle of equality. No one needs to be born of aristocratic blood to succeed. Prosperity is a birthright in America.


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