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cominto the interstitial fluid of the cortex and only then are diffused into the blood) (; 5) cortical collecting duct (this is a series of ducts and tubular that link nephrons to the ureters); 6) distal convoluted tubule -- DCT (this is the convoluted section of the nephron that lays between the "loop of Henle" and the "nonsecretory portion of the nephron; the DCT is mainly involved with the urine and how concentrated it should -- or does -- become); 7) loop of Henle (also called the nephron loop, it runs into the medulla and "…their different levels of permeability enable much more tubular reabsorption to occur" (; 8) duct of Bellini; 9) peritubular capillaries; 10) Arcuate vein; 11). Arcuate artery; 12) Afferent arteriole; and 13) juxtaglomerular apparatus (this part of the kidney is specialized in order to function as a way to regulate the filtrate formation and also it regulates the systemic blood pressure; the Juxtaglomerular apparatus has cells that have rennin in them, an enzyme that acts as a sensor to determine the blood pressure) (Wisc-online. com).

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