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Evaluating Twitter as a Communications, Collaboration

And Teaching Tool

The ability to quickly connect, collaborate and learn from others is one of the most valuable aspects of social media today. The reliance on social media strategies by companies to connect with their prospects and customers continues to show exceptional value for customer relationship management and customer support as well (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Of the many social networks gaining continued acceptance and use, Twitter is unique in that is has just 140 characters, complimented with the ability to attach location data, pictures, even videos.

Why Twitter Matters

As Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff often said in their best-selling book Groundswell and in their co-authored article on the MIT Review (Bernoff, Li, 2008), Twitter has redefined the concept of communication, collaboration and is serving as a foundation for making learning more interactive and less pedantic.
From personal observation it is clear that the level of collaboration possible with Twitter is unsurpassed by even e-mail. Connecting with and sharing information with others, either in public or via a mechanism Twitter supports called Direct Messaging (DM) this platform is ideal for team projects and also for sharing insights gained form recent articles or for posting pictures that are useful for projects. It's also a very powerful platform for keeping friends together as everyone can share what they are doing. All of these uses are secondary to the ability of this platform to galvanize a community together around a celerity or company.

Fans of celebrities speak directly to them, and from watching Twitter traffic, this applies to everyone form President Obama to the lead singers for ZZ Top. Everyone, everywhere, can write to anyone at any time on Twitter. This is.....

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