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Television can influence kids in many ways, some of them great, and some of them not so great. In my future, I see science and the weather playing a big part, and because of that, I think the Weather Channel has most influenced me and my choices for the future. I was not a fan of weather or of science for that matter, until I got hooked on the Weather Channel. I first started watching some of their series, like "Storm Stories," which were intriguing to me because I liked to watch people who had survived some pretty stupendous weather events. Then I began to wonder about the weather itself, and what really caused weather to change, and to become violent.

I began to study weather, and the science behind the weather forecasts. I began to learn about jet streams, troughs aloft, cumulonimbus clouds, thunderstorms, air pressure and much more. I found the weather fascinating, and still do. I want to study atmospheric science, particularly meteorology in college, with the eventual goal of becoming a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.
In understand this is a long-term goal, and in the short-term, I hope to gain a well rounded education during my college years, so that I become a better meteorologist, and better equipped to fit in the world of my chosen career. I do not want to concentrate so much on the weather that I become a "weather geek," but I want to be the best I can be in my chosen career.

I plan to major in atmospheric science with an emphasis in meteorology, while completing a minor in journalism/broadcasting, so I will be better able to create my own forecasts and delivery information. I would like to intern as a weather reporter at a local television or radio station, to prepare me for on-air opportunities. I feel that working in the media would add to my experience, and help me be more prepared for my long-term goal of working….....

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