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Organizational Culture Analysis

Travel Incorporated

Travel Incorporated has over twenty years of providing individuals with the best service available regarding travel in general. By taking on attitudes directed at making its customers feel that the company develops a personal relationship with them, the institution successfully manages to turn a simple holiday into a unique and memorable life experience. The company promotes the idea that the cheapest version of travelling is not always the best. By openly emphasizing this concept and by making it possible for people to see what it is like to travel with it from a first person perspective, Travel Incorporated takes travelling to a whole new level.

Observable artifacts can be easily detected by interacting with the company's workers, collaborators, and customers. The company is accustomed to focusing on a series of rituals meant to improve the connection between every individual it deals with. As a consequence, it often organizes meetings meant to bring together customers, service-providers, and employees making connections between these two groups.
This enables them to gain a more complex understanding of how the firm function and makes them feel that they are a part of it.

When regarding espoused artifacts, one is likely to consider the company's tendency to develop personal relations with other companies and with its customers. Most individuals who worked with Travel Incorporated can say that their relationship with the company did not only involve an exchange of services, as it took things to a level or friendship -- influencing them to want to get….....

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