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Security in Airports

Evaluation of Scanning Equipment

Security situation in airports

The main threat faced by most of the airports is terrorism, which has been traumatizing the airport officials ever since the 20th century. There have been many cases of bombing and hijacking incidents conducted by different militant groups in the entire group. This has lead to the necessity of measures that are aimed at curbing the ever-increasing rates of crime in airports. As the security analyst of Chicago O'Hare Airport, there are exclusive measures that are recommended to ensure insecurity does not affect the airport transactions and its entire surrounding. Already, there are regulations that are to be followed strictly by both passengers and any other visitors in the airport. The arrival time has been increased, so that all the passengers arrive on time. Amount of luggage to be carried has also been reduced to reduce the possibilities of risk, among other regulations. Screening measures are discussed in the proceeding paragraphs.

Current Screening Measures

Apart from the regulations on what to carry into the airport, some additional staff will not be allowed into the airport.
These include any knives that have a blade longer than 6cm, razor blades, club and bats used in sports, slingshots, darts, and scissors with long blades and any sharp objects that may cause reasonable harm. The passengers will be forced to arrive earlier than before, to allow for thorough screening checks. This will also reduce the lengthy lines during the checks. The checks will be conducted for both the pilots and passengers, hence no chances for the pilot being used to commit malicious acts. In addition, there will be unique laptops that are designed to check for images and badges, for verification of legality and duty on the airport premises. Passengers will also be required to carry all the relevant documents for identity. All visitors to the airport will have to be searched, at different spots. All the electronic gadgets, jewelry, coins and general metallic objects will be critically analyzed to ensure no weapons trespass the entry of the airport premises (Tiebert, 2009).

Interference of metal….....

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